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Reviews for McAlister's Deli Catering

Maurice in Beaumont, TX Thank you very much for the food and drinks and great service
Pamela in West Columbia, SC The delivery was on time and the delivery person was very cordial when he contacted me for the drop off of the food.
Maggie in Saint Joseph, MO Office was please with the boxed lunches & the variety Mccalisters has to offer
Amy in Shreveport, LA Great job with the individual boxes and special delivery instructions
Michael in Columbus, GA Good sandwich options. Perhaps more sides and desserts

About McAlister's Deli Catering

On ezCater.com since 01/07/2010

When it comes to delis, it's hard for any one sandwich place to stand out from the crowd. We manage to rise above the usual fare to serve up a few surprises. Sandwiches, spuds, salads, soups and sweets - since 1989 we've been serving up all these classics. And our McAlister's Famous Sweet Tea stands out from the usual, too. With numerous industry accolades and 341 locations in 24 states, it's easy to find out what makes us special!

Why ezCater loves McAlister's Deli catering

When it comes to delis, it's hard for any one sandwich place to stand out from the crowd. But McAlister's Deli rises above the usual fare to serve up a few surprises. Not only are they a good value for the money, but McAlister's is often willing to deliver for smaller groups of 8 to 10 - although they can easily handle orders for much larger groups as well. 

While they're primarily known for their sandwiches, two of our favorites from their catering menu are the Hot Potato and Spud Max Bars. The Hot Potato Bar is a good value, with standard potato toppings like sour cream and bacon, but the Spud Max Bar is an even greater value, with additional toppings such as turkey and ham. We suggest adding a bowl or two of chili on the side for slinging atop your spuds. You'll need to order in advance so McAlister's has time to bake enough potatoes for the group, but the results will leave you satisfied long past lunch. And if you have any leftovers, why not combat that mid-afternoon slump with a quick game of hot potato? (Just don't let your boss see you slacking off.)

McAlister's is proud of their "Famous" Sweet Tea, and rightfully so-- it's good! They're also a good breakfast option, offering both a continental breakfast and breakfast sandwiches at an affordable price point. 
Menus can vary between McAlister's Deli locations. Please enter your address, city & state or zip code to find your nearest location.