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Uno Due Go

Parita in Boston, MA
Coffee was on time and great! Thank you!

Cafe de Boston

Berenberg Capital in Boston, MA
A top place my company orders from. Wouldn't suggest anything else.
Really real customer service. Loved delivery guy and very nice.
Jennifer in Denver, CO
Love their breakfast! their set up was very as nice as well
enzamaria in New York, NY
First time using this cater and was very impressed with quality food
Kate in Medina, OH

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Why choose breakfast catering?

If you want to be the office hero, order breakfast catering. Yes, everyone loves a free lunch, but having your breakfast catered at work makes those early morning meetings so much more enjoyable. You don’t even need a meeting to treat your staff (or new clients) to breakfast catering. Provide a breakfast buffet at the office, and you’ll start everyone’s day with a smile. 

What to order?  There are so many options. You can do a full sit-down meal, an assortment of baked goods, or custom breakfast bars. Many breakfast foods are also portable, making them ideal for networking events where you want people to mingle instead of sitting at a table.

Offering breakfast also encourages employees to arrive early, boosts morale, and increases convenience. Rather than sitting in line at a drive-through on their way to work, employees can arrive a little early, share ideas, and get a boost of energy from the breakfast catering you provide.

What can I get catered for breakfast?

For a traditional meal, go with pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, eggs, bagels, muffins, and other favorites. If you're looking for something a little lighter, many caterers offer fruit trays, yogurt, granola, cottage cheese, and tiny boxes of cereal. You can even set up an omelet bar or offer build-your-own breakfast burritos for a truly customized experience. The most popular breakfast drinks include orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, bottled water, coffee, and tea, but you could always take it up a notch by offering pressed juices or fresh smoothies.

How much breakfast should I order?

The amount of food you order for breakfast catering is going to depend on the type of food you’re getting — for things like pastries, muffins, and bagels, you can assume 75-90% of people will eat one serving. So if you have an event where you’re expecting 50 people to attend, you can order somewhere between 40-45 muffins and/or bagels since it’s likely not every person will take one.

For hot food items like eggs and bacon, assume 2 eggs and 2-3 slices of bacon per person, but again assuming that only 75%-90% of people will actually help themselves. Some might go for yogurt and granola instead if you have it available, or a bagel with cream cheese.

Breakfast sandwiches, like ham and egg croissants, are a great portable option for people who want eggs but don’t want to eat them with a fork.

For drinks, assume each person will have two servings during the first hour of the event and one serving during each additional hour.

Is there anything I should know about ordering breakfast catering?

When you order breakfast catering, it's important to choose the right arrival time. If the caterer comes before any attendees arrive, the food will be cold by the time the event begins. Late food arrival is also a problem, as it prevents participants from eating and then moving on to other activities. You should also have plenty of condiments and utensils available, especially if you want participants to pay attention to a guest speaker while they eat. Talk to the caterer well in advance to determine what they can provide.

What are some unique breakfast options around the world?

Eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes are go-to breakfast items in the United States, but if you want to provide some truly unique options, look to other countries for inspiration. In Bangladesh, many people start their day off with a plate of chapattis, or flatbreads filled with scrambled eggs or potato curry. Think of chapattis as a Bangladeshi breakfast burrito — warm flatbread wrapped around a thin sheet of eggs and vegetables.

In Taiwan, one of the most popular Taiwanese breakfast foods is the jianbang, which is similar to a fried pancake. Instead of using whipped cream, fruit, and other sweet toppings, locals fill their jianbang with peanuts, pork, soybeans, scallions, or eggs. Some people even add chili sauce or hoisin for extra flavor.

Rather than eating separate dishes, people in the Middle East, India, and Central Asia often have a one-dish meal called haleem for breakfast. This flavorful stew starts off with a base of barley, wheat, lentils, and some type of minced meat. Although the stew contains many spices, people top it with lemon, cilantro, ginger, and other garnishes to make it even tastier. If you’d like to try this unique dish, search our website for Middle Eastern or Indian restaurants that serve breakfast.