Looking for a delivery of bagels?

Call it cream cheese or schmear, either way, we have options for you. Just search for bagel catering to find what you need.

Get your team ready for the day with a bagel delivery. No matter if you’re looking for everything bagels, sesame, or just plain, we have you covered. Take a look through our bagel caterers to find a menu that will help start your day.

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How ezCater Works

We spend all day everyday talking to our caterers and making sure your order is on track so that you don't have to.

Step 1

Place your order

Enter your address to see caterers who deliver to you.

Step 2

We tell the caterer

Once your order is placed, we'll send it over to the caterer.

Step 3

Caterer accepts your order

Once the caterer accepts your order, we'll let you know you're all set.

Step 4

We check in with the caterer

We'll check in with the caterer the day before your event to ensure they're all set.

Step 5

We verify the day of

We'll make sure your food is in the oven the day of your event.

Step 6

We make sure it's out for delivery

Never waste time calling restaurants again.