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44,757 Caterers

The best caterers nationwide, with reviews and on-time delivery ratings.

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Incredible Rewards

Earn 2% to 5% on orders in discounts and Amazon Gift Cards.

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Concierge Service

We're not just a web site, we're real people ready to help.

Know where your food is.

A few hours before your order is delivered, ezCater reconfirms your order with the caterer. We send you a text, so you can rest easy.

Three easy ways to feed your meetings.

From 5 to 2,000 people, $5 to $50 a head. Order yourself, with friends, or let us do it.

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Point. Click. Eat.

Just enter an address and select a caterer. ezCater makes ordering easy with detailed menus, reviews, most popular lists, and people served estimates.

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Order Together

Get your clients or colleagues involved in an order, without sharing a credit card. Just start an order, click "Invite Friends", and enter a budget.

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Lunch for your team every Thursday? Tell us your preferences and relax, while we deliver a steady stream of interesting meals. We'll listen to your feedback and refine the mix.

Concierge service

We're not just a web site. We're real people, and we love to help. That's why we answer the phone with a real live person. No "press 1" nonsense.

A few of the great companies we help feed
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Enterprise solutions

Run a large sales force? Have offices nationwide? ezCater can help you manage and control your catering spend nationwide.

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