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Sarah in Tampa, FL
food was good - we ordered tuna subs and we didn't get any just more of other subs - which is okay just would have preferred a heads up!

Fatz Cafe

Beth in Weber City, VA
The food was good was just running a little late on delivery
Kneaders is always a good option. Their catering package is a very good variety.
Michelle in Henderson, NV
Very good meal and good portions. I had 15 people for lunch and food was on time, everyone was happy
Lindsay in Wilson, NC
Always on time and a friendly person who supp[orts us in setting up!
HERE to in Bronx, NY

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Why choose sandwich catering?

From kid-friendly peanut butter and jelly to gourmet sandwiches filled with various meats and cheeses, sandwiches satisfy any taste preferences imaginable. You can serve them any time of day, making sandwich catering a versatile option. Kick off an all-day corporate event with bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. Offer an easy lunch option with boxed lunches filled with sandwiches and chips.

Sandwiches are easy to eat anywhere, and they're highly customizable thanks to a wide range of bread, topping, and sauce options. Let everyone order what they want or order basic sandwiches along with a fixings bar so guests can finish off their sandwiches how they want.  

What kinds of sandwiches can I get catered?

The types of sandwiches you can order are only limited by the catering menu from the restaurant you choose. Many sandwich catering restaurants offer a wide selection of bread and toppings. For instance, you might choose sliced bread, buns, bagels, baguettes, or flatbread for the base of the sandwich. Meat options typically include selections such as turkey, ham, chicken, beef, and seafood. Add in various types of cheese, veggies, and sauces to create more options. 

Common types of sandwiches include:

- Cold cut sandwiches: This is your classic sub sandwich with cold, sliced deli meat and cheese. It's also common to add veggies and condiments like mayo or mustard. This option is good for boxed lunches, picnics, or situations where people might eat at different times.

- Hot sandwiches: You can also serve hot sandwiches for your catering needs. This includes things like meatball subs, tuna melts, grilled cheese, and cheesesteak sandwiches. 

- Wraps: A slight variation on the traditional sandwich, wraps place all the toppings inside a tortilla, which is rolled up for a portable meal option. 

- Open-faced sandwiches: This variation usually features a slice of bread on the bottom topped with all sorts of ingredients and no top piece of bread. They're often heated and topped with gooey, melty cheese or some type of sauce. Examples include open-faced tuna melts and hot turkey sandwiches covered in gravy. These options may require utensils instead of the traditional handheld eating method. 

You can find sandwich catering from traditional restaurants and food trucks.

What kinds of sides can I get with sandwiches?

The sandwiches might be the star of the show, but adding sides to your sandwich catering order rounds out the meal perfectly. You can serve just about any side with sandwiches. When searching for sandwich catering in your area on this page, look at the side options to ensure they offer what you want. Chips are a simple, classic option that goes well with cold sub sandwich catering. Plus, when you choose individual bags, they're quick and easy to serve. But you can get creative with other options, including:

- Pasta salad

- Fries

- Soup

- Potato salad

- Fruit salad

- Baked beans

- Raw veggies and dip

How many sandwiches should I get?

The number of sandwiches you need to keep everyone satisfied depends mainly on what type of sandwiches you order. For club sandwich catering with full-size sandwiches, order one sandwich for each person with some extras just in case. If you're ordering smaller cocktail or finger sandwiches, plan for two to four sandwiches per person. When you choose sub sandwich catering, you can sometimes get larger party subs that serve multiple people. The sandwich catering company can tell you how many people their party subs serve, since the sizing is often unique with each caterer.

Who ate the first sandwich?

The honor of the first sandwich eater ever traditionally goes to the Earl of Sandwich himself, John Montagu. He was actually the fourth Earl of Sandwich, to be precise. He was known for eating beef between two slices of bread. That recognition led to the dish being named after him. But he wasn't the first person to sandwich food between bread. It's impossible to determine who was the first to do so, but rabbi and scholar Hillel the Elder ate bitter herbs and lamb between unleavened matzah bread during the first century BC. Regardless of who ate the first sandwich, today we have more variety than ever when it comes to this classic handheld option.