Supplier Diversity at ezCater: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a supplier diversity program?

Supplier diversity programs are intended to diversify an organization’s supply chain by ensuring adequate representation and support for businesses owned by a member of an underrepresented group.

Many ezCater customers have supplier diversity goals to allocate a portion of their spend to small business or restaurants owned by a member of an underrepresented group. ezCater seeks to support them by striving to create a diverse network where restaurants can be easily found.

To do so, ezCater currently highlights catering partners owned by underrepresented groups in a featured section in search results in alignment with heritage months throughout the year. Customers can also utilize our “Diversity in Ownership” filter to search for restaurants owned by a member of an underrepresented group, as well as our new small business filter.

How does ezCater define underrepresented groups?

ezCater’s Supplier Diversity program recognizes restaurant owners who identify as a:

  • Member of an underrepresented racial or ethnic group:
    • Asian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander
    • Black or of African descent
    • Hispanic, Latine, or Spanish
    • Indigenous, American Indian, or Alaska Native
    • Middle Eastern or North African
  • Woman
  • US veterans and disabled veterans
  • Person with disabilities
  • Member of the LGBTQ+ community

How does ezCater define small businesses?

We are adhering to the Small Business Administration definition for restaurants as having less than $13.5 million in revenue.

How does ezCater define restaurant ownership?

Restaurant ownership is defined as the person(s) with at least 50% ownership of the independent business, franchise, or corporation. Some organizations define ownership as having a minimum of 51% stake in the business, but we have structured our program to account for co-owned restaurants, a common model in our industry.

In previous outreach efforts, we did not require a minimum ownership stake by a member of an underrepresented group to be included in our program. We have since defined this as a minimum of 50% ownership to be more in line with standard supplier diversity best practices and customer requirements. We will stop using data that does not meet these new standards by July 2024.

How do catering partners enter their demographic data?

Catering partners can enter demographic data about the majority owner(s) of their business in the Business Demographic Profile section under Account Settings in ezManage.

How will demographic data be used?

ezCater will use the data internally to assess the equity and representation on our platform.

For catering partners that are owned by members of an underrepresented group and that provide consent to use their data publicly, they are eligible to be included in search results when using demographic filters, have demographic information be added to their menu page, and be featured in carousels that align with heritage months throughout the year.

What if two people own a restaurant?

If there are two owners that each own 50%, catering partners should answer on behalf of both owners and select all the demographic options that apply.

Will demographic information be publicly available?

Only catering partners who are members of an underrepresented group that provide consent to sharing their information will be included in filters and marketing efforts.

What if catering partners are not comfortable sharing their information publicly?

ezCater encourages catering partners to still provide demographic data on behalf of their owner(s) and then abstain from checking the box when asked, “I consent to ezCater sharing this information externally on its platform and in marketing efforts.” Providing demographic data, even if not shared publicly, allows ezCater to have a better understanding of our network. However, ezCater respects our catering partners’ choices about whether or not to disclose data.

Will businesses be negatively impacted if they don’t fall into an underrepresented group?

No group will ever have any of the demographic information they provide used against them. ezCater will also respect requests to keep demographic information confidential.

How can customers get more visibility into how much they spend with underrepresented groups?

ezCater is currently building reporting capabilities that will provide this to customers. Interested customers should contact their account manager or ezCater Customer Service for more information.

How accurate is catering partner demographic information?

Catering partners provide demographic data through ezManage, confirm the accuracy of their responses, and accept responsibility for keeping their information updated. ezCater does not verify the responses, nor do we require certification such as Minority Business Enterprise or Woman Business Enterprise. This is intended to not place an undue burden on catering partners that may have limited resources. ezCater provides clear descriptions and guidance while collecting information to ensure respondents are able to easily provide accurate information.

We are exploring options to source and display certification information to accommodate customers who require certification. We plan to develop these capabilities over the course of 2024.

What else is ezCater doing to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)?

At ezCater, one of our cultural tenets is to drive diversity, ensure equity, and ingrain inclusion. This represents our commitment to building an employee population and marketplace that reflect the diversity of our community. We strive to create an environment where everyone can be themselves, is given equitable opportunities to succeed, knows the importance of their contributions, and feel like they matter and are accepted here.

ezCater has a goal of 33% representation from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups among our employees and aims for 100% employee participation in unconscious bias training. ezCater also collects and tracks data on employee pay, promotions, support, and opportunities to succeed to affirm equity across all demographics.

ezCater also strives for diversity, equity, and inclusion among our network of over 100,000 catering partners. We have established community standards outlining our expectations for respect within the ezCater ecosystem.

Who do I contact with questions or concerns about this program or if I notice an error?

Please email our Partner Success team at and we would be happy to assist you.