In short: we treat people with respect, and we don’t put up with anyone who doesn’t.

ezCater engages with many communities: restaurant partners, catering customers, delivery providers, and more. Together, these communities form the ezCater ecosystem.

In our ecosystem, we expect everyone to treat each other with respect. By using ezCater, you agree to do that. We measure against explicit standards, outlined here.

ezCater prohibits discrimination and harassment based on:

– Race, color
– Ancestry, national origin
– Religion
– Primary language
– Citizenship, immigration status
– Disability, mental or physical
– Sex, gender (including pregnancy)

– Sexual orientation
– Gender identity, gender expression
– Medical condition
– Genetic information
– Marital status
– Any legally protected characteristic not listed here

Examples of prohibited conduct include:

Refusal of service

Every ezCater order involves ezCater staff, a catering partner, and a food buyer. Some orders also involve others: delivery providers, food eaters, and perhaps more parties.

Whoever is involved, no person can refuse to serve or work with another based on a characteristic listed above.

Abusive content

The ezCater website hosts content provided by others, such as restaurant menus and customer reviews. We also transmit content, such as relaying a customer’s delivery instructions to a restaurant.

No person can use ezCater to post or transmit abusive content. This includes but is not limited to: hate speech, threats, and offensive remarks that target a specific individual or group.

If you experience or witness a violation of these standards:

Please report it promptly by emailing We investigate and follow up every situation that is brought to our attention.

Inclusion and diversity are ideals we pursue at ezCater. They are inherent in our culture. With these community standards, we extend our commitment to inclusion and diversity beyond our own walls, to the ecosystem in which we operate.