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Why choose food truck catering?

What is it about food trucks that we humans find so appealing? Maybe it’s because we’re eating delicious food outdoors or because food trucks remind us of ice cream trucks, which might call to mind memories of our childhood. Whatever the reason is for you, food trucks are a great choice for your next company event.  

Food trucks are fun and practical, and offer numerous options for a variety of palates—in short, there’s bound to be something for everyone. And food trucks can be set up almost anywhere, even in the company parking lot. 

What are some of the most common types of food truck cuisines?

How many unique things can you cook up in a truck? You might be surprised at some of the creativity you find when it comes to food truck cuisine. Food truck owners serve up everything from gourmet desserts to vegan food that makes even the most dedicated meat-eaters salivate. There truly is a food truck theme for every taste.

A few common themes come up frequently, though. These common types of food truck catering cuisines are usually easy to find in most areas when you search for food truck catering in your area. They include:

- BBQ food

- Mexican

- Pizza

- Gourmet burgers and other sandwiches

- Coffee

- Ice cream and other desserts

- Asian cuisines

- Mediterranean food

Are food trucks just as capable of catering events as traditional restaurants are?

Food trucks can be just as good at catering your event as traditional restaurants. Even though their cooking space is smaller, they have their processes down to a science and can keep food moving out of the truck quickly. However, food trucks are limited when it comes to how many people they can serve in a given time, so you might need to book more than one truck for larger events.

A general guideline is to have at least one food truck for every 200 to 300 people. You can expect each food truck to serve about 40 to 60 customers per hour. This can vary significantly depending on what type of food they're serving and how efficient they are. Check with the food trucks you consider booking to find out what their capacity is and how many people they can serve within a given time. Hiring multiple trucks adds variety to the food truck catering options and helps spread the lines out so guests don't have to wait as long for food.

What was the first food truck?

Have you ever heard of a “chuck wagon”?  Well, you can thank Charles Goodnight for starting the food truck craze with the first mobile restaurant: Yes, the chuck wagon. They looked a lot different than the food trucks you see today, from the vehicles themselves to the food they served. Chuck wagons came to be in the mid-19th century, when Goodnight created one for a month-long cattle drive. Many of the items on the menu were dried or preserved, like beans and salted meats so they would last the journey.

Fast forward to 1936 and the first appearance of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile (now known as the Frankmobile), and you get a little closer to the modern food truck. It was designed as a marketing tool and served hot dogs in its early days. Today, the giant hot-dog-shaped vehicles are purely promotional tools, but the original inspired a wide range of food trucks that continue advancing with new technology and creative new food themes today.