Catering sales on your website

Give customers the best way to order

Catering customers want to order online. Put the best ordering experience on your website to get (and keep) their business.

Why ezOrdering?

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Built to sell catering

We’ve spent years solving the complexities of catering orders. 

Our catering ordering solution is used by more people than any other on the planet.

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Growth from your site & ours

Online ordering boosts sales through your site. ezOrdering boosts it further.

It improves your search ranking on the ezCater Marketplace, so you get more orders there too.

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Support that you get nowhere else

When customers need help, our 5-star service team handles it.

If you want help delivering orders, get professional catering delivery on demand with ezDispatch.

“We had prior online ordering platforms and they just weren’t as user friendly as ezOrdering is. I feel like ezOrdering is pretty clear for the guest to just pop on and order what they want to order.”

Sara Wilson, Director of Catering Sales

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe streamlines
catering growth

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop drives sales
with ezOrdering

How it works

Once you’re on the Marketplace, your ezOrdering links are created automatically. Simply add them to your website to start receiving orders.

You will have a brand page and individual links for all your locations, so you can easily insert links into your catering or online ordering pages.

You will be notified about incoming orders. Accept the order to add it to your scheduled orders. All customer information is saved in ezManage for use with sales and marketing.

Assign a driver to send customer delivery updates. Need delivery help? Simply request ezDispatch.

More solutions

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ezCater Marketplace

Catering buyers place big orders, but reaching those buyers is hard. Join the marketplace that brings new buyers to you.

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When you grow, there’s more to keep track of. Execute orders accurately with the catering management platform that built for growth.

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It’s hard to staff deliveries. Use our network of reliable drivers, and say yes to every order.

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