Professional catering delivery on demand

Deliver more orders

It’s hard to staff deliveries. Use our network of reliable drivers, and say yes to every order.

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Why ezDispatch?

Professional, reliable delivery

We handpick delivery providers to protect your reputation. Then we continuously monitor their performance.

Ready when you need it

Get ezDispatch on demand for deliveries up to 20 miles away, with as little as 90 minute notice. You can use it now and then, or for all your deliveries.

Backed by 24/7 expert support

Our same 5-star customer service team supports ezDispatch to make sure every order arrives on time, as expected. If something comes up, we’re on top of it – so you don’t need to be.

Our partners love ezDispatch

“ezDispatch helped us grow tremendously – we do at least 50% more orders.”

Jason Rotter

Director, Operational Services & Global Franchising at Just Salad

Delivery options that meet your needs

ezDispatch is available for all your catering orders on Marketplace and ezOrdering.

Add delivery capacity or flexibility

Request ezDispatch as needed or wanted. Have your in-house drivers deliver the orders you want to keep and trust ezDispatch with the rest.

Use ezDispatch for every order

No delivery? No problem. We can automatically assign an ezDispatch driver to every order so you can reach new customers without building your own delivery service.

How it works

Drivers are automatically assigned or requested  as needed from ezManage. Simply “request ezDispatch” up to 90 minutes before the order needs to be delivered.

We will match a driver to your order and send you the details, including what time you should have the order ready for pickup.

The driver picks up and delivers your order. Customers (and you) will receive notifications once the order has left the restaurant and been delivered.

You keep the delivery fee from the customer (less applicable fees). The cost of ezDispatch is withheld from your payment. See more details about pricing here (PDF).

Pricing & Payment

You keep your own delivery fee that was paid by the customer, and pay us the ezDispatch fee. (As always at ezCater, you don’t pay any signup or monthly fees.)

We pay the delivery provider. If the customer included  an optional gratuity on the order, we pass that on to the delivery provider too.

  • Order Subtotal up to $300 = $30 ezDispatch fee
  • Order subtotal more than $300 = 10% ezDispact fee

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