Custom Catered Experiences

Whether you order a high volume of catering or you just need a special touch, ezCater White Glove is here to help. Let us know what you need and we’ll work with the caterer to make it happen.

Auto-Pilot for Recurring Orders

If you have to order catering on a regular basis, let ezCater take the work off your plate and do the ordering for you. Give us your parameters – budget, diet, food preferences – and your schedule and we’ll take care of the rest at no extra cost. It’s the ultimate time saver.


Dedicated Account Manager

Signing up for ezCater White Glove doesn’t cost you anything, plus you get a dedicated account manager whom you can rely on to learn your company’s preferences and make you look good.

Offices nationwide rely on ezCater White Glove for the best food experiences

“ezCater White Glove has saved me so much time and enables me to wow our employees with new food experiences. My ezCater account manager quickly learned the types of food our employees love, enabling me to spend less time planning meals and more time focused on our business. ezCater White Glove has been a game-changer.”

KahReem Copeland
Customer Delight Associate Manager

“ezCater White Glove has been a great service to help me manage our recurring meal orders. I simply let them know what we need and when, and they make it happen. I get more time in my day and everyone is happy with the food – it’s a win-win!”

Wanda Ng
Executive Assistant

How it Works

Let us know your preferences and schedule

We create draft orders for you

You can review and accept each order or put them on auto-pilot to auto-accept

We communicate with our caterers to ensure every detail is addressed

Your office and employees enjoy great meals

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