81% of leaders say that food is the best way to encourage workplace attendance. Let us help you make ordering food for work the easy part of your day.

Boxed lunches for any size group

We make it easy to find individually packaged meals to fit any budget. Safe and contactless delivery to any office nationwide.

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Budget-friendly treats

From smoothies to brownies, you can find budget-friendly food that makes your team feel appreciated.

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Relish by ezCater: Recurring employee meals made easy

You set the schedule and budget. Employees choose from a rotating list of popular local restaurants. Food arrives at a designated place and time, individually packaged and labeled.

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Individually packaged meals & contactless delivery

93K+ restaurants nationwide

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Saying thanks to your team with food

Sarah Lowery, Company Culture and Operations Manager for Sendoso, shares how she uses food to show appreciation for team members who have gone above and beyond.

How can you encourage the team to return to the office? We surveyed 600 professionals to find out what would motivate them to work on-site.

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Insider tips and tricks to make ordering food for work easier — including time-tested advice from veteran administrative assistants.

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What’s the most important meal of the day? Lunch. Learn what 600 employees and managers think about the role lunch plays in the new hybrid workplace

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