Easy Setup. Save time and money.

Upload your certificate to the ezCater platform

Customers from non-profit organizations like charities and governmental agencies can easily upload tax exemption certificates to ezCater’s online ordering platform

Set up once. Order everywhere.

After tax-exemption has been set up once, all future orders from any caterer will be processed without tax assessment, saving time and saving money

Find great caterers, wherever you ar.

Choose from over 70,000 restaurants and caterers nationwide. ezCater has a solution for meetings and events of all sizes, wherever you are in the U.S

Huge Selection

Tax-exempt users can apply their status to any restaurant or caterer on the ezCater network, more than 70,000 of them across the country. Users no longer need to choose between limiting their selection to a small number of restaurants already set up for tax-exemption and spending the time to document their status with new establishments.

ezCater is available in 22,742 US Cities and Towns

Nationwide Coverage

Many non-profits hate taking the time to set up tax-exemption when ordering from an out-of-town location they’re unlikely to use again. You won’t have to. Whether you need food for a meeting across town or across the country, ezCater has you covered. Our caterers deliver to more than 22,000 U.S. cities and towns (that’s basically all of them); and they’ll all recognize your tax-exempt status

University of Colorado

“The tax-exempt feature is very convenient because it eliminates all the paperwork and verifications typically required when I order catering. After setting it up, the feature really simplified how I place orders. Instead of continuously managing and arranging contracts with caterers, I can quickly place orders knowing I’ll get the exemption, and then focus my time on other things.”

Deborah Makray

Manager of Operations, Executive Programs, University of Clorado

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