See & control all your company’s food spend

Food for work has shifted from perk to COVID-smart productivity tool. ezCater Enterprise enables you to set up house accounts and pay via invoice — which means you get control and visibility of your total food spend and your people get easy ordering and expensing of food for work.

Meetings & events · Sales meetings & training sessions · Daily or weekly employee meals

Why companies love ezCater Enterprise

  • One-click ordering to multiple locations or reordering from your address book from over 80,000 restaurants
  • Set budget caps (e.g. maximum delivery fees and tips, monthly spend per employee)
  • A dedicated account manager for you and a 24/7 business-class customer service team for your people
  • Simplify payment and avoid maxing out credit cards
  • Order from as many restaurants as you want without managing a house account for each one
  • Create custom billing codes to get the level of detail you need on expense reports
  • Get custom reports by users, orders, billing code, and department

Why employees love ezCater Enterprise

No more maxed out cards. Set up house accounts & invoicing

Simplified expenses with digital receipts and Concur integration

No surprise fees or markups at checkout

One-click reordering from your address book

Stay on budget with delivery fee filters and price per head calculator

Reach a human who can help in seconds, 24/7—no “press 1” nonsense

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Meals for meetings and events at all your locations

Rely on us to order meals for meetings and events anywhere in the US. Set up company-wide controls so your people can order food freely.

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Set up an employee lunch program for any day of the week

Feed employees until your cafeteria reopens, or supplement the cafeteria once it does.

COVID-smart · Rotating restaurants · Learns what your employees love · Flexible subsidy

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Catering for sales meetings and training sessions of any size, anywhere in the US.

Sales reps and trainers can order food online 24/7 in every territory from our nationwide network of 80,000+ catering options. You get the visibility and compliance you need.

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Upgrade reporting on food spend with custom fields

Add custom fields to checkout and label employees by department to make tracking and reporting food expenses easier.

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Stay on budget by setting company policies

Set soft or hard limits on price per head, delivery fees, and more so you get better control over your food budget.

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Simplify payment with house accounts & shared credit cards

Order from as many restaurants as you want without managing a house account for each one. Allow multiple employees to pay with the same saved corporate card.

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A top 10 consulting firm needed a safe way to feed their employees during the pandemic.

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Maria needed to order daily for 20 different urgent care centers across multiple states.

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Make your employees feel confident and safe as you reopen your office.

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