Jul 31 2018
Sarah Gurr
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Managing a restaurant is complicated. “Competition is fierce, labor and rent are increasingly costly, delivery is taking a bite out of profits and new technologies are forcing operators to spend on smarter equipment and upgrades,” Restaurant Business reported early this year. To survive tough times, restaurant operators have to promote their restaurants more heavily, dole out five-star customer service, and scramble. These days restaurant operators are expected to create marketing materials, track staff productivity, and look at Big Data to lasso new customers. This on top of overseeing the needs of your diners, and managing payroll and the staff. Exhausted just thinking about all this work?

Did you know that POS software for restaurants can simplify the demands of your operation? A POS, also known as restaurant computer systems, can do a wide array of tasks. Like process payments. Manage spreadsheets and dining tables. Track the productivity of your staff members. And, like a wizard, good restaurant computer systems can give you a glimpse of Big Data to help make your busy restaurant even busier. As noted by the New York Times, the right restaurant computer system can help you learn about your customers in ways you may have never imagined.

There are so many POS software for restaurants out there, though. Shopping for one can be confusing. Check out our POS anxiety matrix, which lists the top-ten restaurant computer systems you need to know about. It can identify the best POS software for you, based on your budget and restaurant’s needs. 

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Sarah Gurr

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Sarah Gurr

Sarah Gurr is the Head of Content Marketing for ezCater. After managing digital marketing for pizza and sandwich chains, Sarah now focuses on providing insanely helpful information to ezCater’s customers and partners. When she’s not managing the ezCater blog, she’s baking new recipes and trying new restaurants in and around Boston.

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