ezOrdering enhances your existing website with the ability to take online catering orders, giving you a new channel to grow your catering business.

This special version of your normal ezCater menu, without ezCater branding and with a lower commission, makes it easy for customers visiting your site to place an order.

Enabling ezOrdering is as simple as adding a link to your website. If you need help, our web gurus can even add the link for you.


Save on commission.

Orders through your website get a special commission rate that’s lower than ezCater Marketplace orders. This lower rate also applies to your future marketplace orders from these customers.

Boost your ranking.

Orders through your website count toward your overall ezCater order history, which can boost your rankings on the ezCater Marketplace.

Contact your customers.

ezOrdering customers are shared by you and ezCater. You can contact these customers without restriction, and we can market the ezCater brand to them to support your growth and ours.

Bring your menu to them.

Having your catering menu on your website is just the start. You can actively promote it through email, social media, and other channels. With premade tweets and posts available in ezManage, it’s a breeze.

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