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New Yorkers know there is no better place than NYC to gather with friends for a weeknight hangout and eat killer vegan food. That’s because NYC is where you’ll find some of the best vegan options around for lunch, dinner, and late-night sweet-tooth indulgence. And if you need to hit work, you can easily get vegan catering delivered to the office. Whether you want Indian comfort food, Mediterranean fare, or plant-based sandwiches that taste like smoked pastrami, we’ve got some of the best restaurants catering vegan options to offices in NYC.

1. B.Good (Montague St., Brooklyn)

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B.Good serves up solid vegan grain bowls that are hearty yet light and packed with flavor. These one-bowl meals of chewy grains are topped with fresh and sautéed veggies, crunchy toppings, and aromatics, and drizzled with bright vinaigrettes. The spicy avocado and lime bowl is deliciously zesty. The “Power” bowl is loaded with savory umami. The best part is that many items can be made vegan-friendly, meat-friendly, or gluten-free to meet all the dietary restrictions of your NYC team.

2. Locanut (9th Ave., New York)

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At Locanut, salads go beyond raw vegetables. The restaurant’s add-on menu allows you to sneak in as many of your favorite ingredients into a salad as you wish, like chewy grains, roasted earthy vegetables, and wake-you-up dressings. Try the Mediterranean Paleo salad and the Paradise salad, which can be made vegan, vegetarian, or carnivorous.

3. Bombay Sandwich Co. (W. 27th St., New York)

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For something a bit richer, don’s miss the delicious Indian menu from Bombay Sandwich Co. The NYC restaurant makes one of the best vegan chicken curry bowls we’ve had, infused with vibrant spices and served over brown rice. Eclectic toppings—like rich kale pesto and apple-garlic pickles—are thrown in for extra flavor. The vegan Bombay burger comes alive with the two-toned flavor of date chutney and pickled onions: sweet and vinegary.

4. Agavi (E. 7th St., New York)

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If you want a healthy answer to breakfastAgavi makes energy-packed smoothie bowls that’ll get your team ready for the day. Made of blended tropical fruits and health-boosters like chia seeds, these bowls of smoothies are showered with luscious and crunchy toppings. The restaurant also crafts creamy oatmeal cooked with steel-cut oats and toppings like berries, cacao nibs, and coconut shavings for nuanced sweetness and plenty of beautiful color.

5. Manousheh (Bleecker St., New York)

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NYC’s Manousheh offers a vegan catering package done up with bright, citrusy Mediterranean flavors and fresh herbs and vegetables. The spiced flatbreads are accompanied by creamy, briny dips. The lemony spinach triangles are some of the most addictive pastries we’ve ever had. If some in your department insist on meat, there’s delicious meaty dishes, too.

Whether you want faux smoked pastrami or Indian street food, we’ve got some of the best restaurants catering vegan to NYC offices.
Best vegan catering in NYC | B.Good’s delicious vegan options.

Whether you want faux smoked pastrami or Indian street food, we’ve got some of the best restaurants catering vegan to NYC offices.Best vegan catering in NYC | B.Good offers vegan options as well as dishes for vegetarians and carnivores, too.

Whether you want faux smoked pastrami or Indian street food, we’ve got some of the best restaurants catering vegan to NYC offices.Best vegan catering in NYC | Locanut catering

6. Aromas Boutique Bakery (E. 112th St., New York)

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Aromas Boutique Bakery has basically perfected vegan desserts. The vegans of your NYC office will find that there are ample catering treats to choose from, like dark chocolate cake, tender banana maple cake, rich cheesecake brownies, and an indulgent coconut cake.

7. Dhaba Indian Cuisine (Lexington Ave., New York)

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The vegan catering menu from NYC’s Dhaba Indian Cuisine stars fresh, intensely flavorful veggies and punchy curries. The restaurant’s stir-fries, like potatoes and cauliflower (tawa aloo gobi), fried okra (kadai bhindi), and curried chickpeas and herbs (punjabi), are cooked with sultry spices of the Indian kitchen. The eggplant masala features cubes of creamy eggplant.

8. The Thirsty Koala (Ditmars Blvd., Queens)

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The Thirsty Koala uses local, natural, and organic ingredients to make prettily plated vegan Australian fare. It’s a great option for a fancy meeting or a company-wide event. The Victoria catering package offers a flavorful vegan riff on tacos, with mushrooms, edamame, black beans, and a rich, satisfying mole sauce of chocolate and chilies. If your NYC office needs catering for a range of dietary needs, from the vegan to the meat eater, go for the customizable New South Wales catering package.

9. Mac Shack (Fulton St., Clinton Hill)

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At NYC’s Mac Shack, the standard and vegan mac-and-cheese options are excellent—creamy, cheesy, and loaded with flavors. The premium ingredients—like fontina and mascarpone, truffle oil, and roasted mushrooms—produce luxurious results. Plus, the gluten-free and vegan items are every bit as good as the carb-heavy, meaty stuff. The gluten-free “Bridge” mac is an umami-bomb of roasted mushrooms and creamy vegan cheese. The pesto mac is just as flavorful and rich.

10. The Organic Grill (1st Ave., New York)

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The Organic Grill knows about all the ways to make a veggie sandwich taste amazing. The Vstrami Ruben is a pastrami sandwich with none of the meat. Beet-cured seitan (faux meat), punchy sauerkraut, and melty vegan cheese sit between two lightly toasted slices of pumpernickel-currant bread. Don’t miss the Green Melt sandwich, either. It’s redolent of a smoky bacon and cheese sandwich with the fresh flavors of pesto sauce.

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