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4.8 (2,289 Reviews)
Joanna in Las Vegas, NV So delicious, great options. Everyone is always very excited about the food!
Justin in Las Vegas, NV The quality of the steak was not as good as in the past.
Nevan in Las Vegas, NV Great review from the staff, delivered always on time and very professional!
abigail in Las Vegas, NV very good order thank you for servicing our need
Joe in Las Vegas, NV Delivery came on time and delivery person helped me organize the lunches!
Sam in Henderson, NV Chicken was kinda dry and I think they forgot two trays of veggies
Chickpeas Mediterranean Cafe
About Chickpeas Mediterranean Cafe
On since 03/11/2016
Taste the real flavor of Mediterranean and Persian cuisine with our kabobs, dolmeh, ikra, and more. With our stash of authentic spices and ingredients, our menu brings pure Mediterranean goodness to Sin City.
6110 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
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