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Chicago and Tokyo may be more than 6,300 miles apart. But when it comes to slicing up excellent sushi, they might as well be next-door neighbors. As Eater notes, Chicago sushi chefs continue to raise the bar. If you’re in the know, you know that Chicago chefs are dishing up a range of delivery sushi: Japanese flavors, and Chinese and Thai favorites, too, to fill and delight.

Here are ten restaurants that are wrapping and rolling the best sushi in Chicago.sushi delivery Chicago, best sushi in Chicago

Sunda New Asian (W. Illinois Street, Chicago)

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When you’re looking for stunning traditional sushi and modern spins on classic Asian dishes, look no further than Sunda New Asian. Start your business meal with Shanghai-style egg rolls. They’re crispy on the outside and filled with juicy pork and shrimp. Classic sushi and sashimi platters come masterfully presented. Tasty signature rolls like the Crunchy Pig, Hidden Lobster will better any midday meeting. Packed with lobster, avocado, jalapeño, sweet chili sauce, and bacon, it’s the delivery sushi that Chicago’s most adventurous fans have been waiting for.sushi delivery Chicago, best sushi in Chicago

Tensuke Market (S. Arlington Heights Road, Elk Grove Village)

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Tensuke Market makes it easy to get all the best sushi in Chicago on your table in a snap. Catering platters combine all your favorite dishes in one place. Nigiri sushi platters include favorites like tuna, eel, and tilapia, along with California and vegetable rolls. If you’re feeling sushi-skeptical, a tray of pan-fried noodles with beef and vegetables (yakisoba) satiates while keeping the ocean critters at bay. It’s land and sea, for every season.sushi delivery Chicago, best sushi in Chicago

Kansaku (Sherman Avenue, Evanston)

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If you’ve lived in Chicago for more than a hot minute, you know that Kansaku has been dishing up the sushi delivery that Chicago fans have needed for twenty years now. Trust Kansaku’s reliable team for satisfying platters of assorted sushi and flavorful Asian eats. And then pack an impressive spread with their extensive appetizer menu. It includes bacon-wrapped scallops served with teriyaki and spicy mayonnaise dipping sauces, coconut-crusted tiger prawns on a nest of green-tea noodle salad, and skewers of juicy chicken yakitori. It’s a feast that makes you slow down and savor.

Sushi Pink (W. Washington Boulevard, Chicago)

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The best sushi in Chicago doesn’t have to wipe out your food-spending budget. Chef Michael Chan’s modestly priced menu of classic sushi and signature rolls dazzles palates and keeps you from blowing your expense goals. The extensive list of individual classic rolls includes local favorites like the dragon roll with smoked eel and cucumber. And if you need a bit more sustenance, traditional Japanese entrees like lightly fried vegetable or chicken tempura, and savory-sweet teriyaki, fill you up.sushi delivery Chicago, best sushi in Chicago

Bistro Chen (E. Miner Street, Arlington Heights)

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When you’re ready to get right to eating, Bistro Chen’s fresh, made-to-order dishes await. The food fuses the best of Chinese food, sushi, and seafood into one mouthwatering menu. Look for the best sushi in Chicago alongside trays of noodles, crispy egg rolls, and cheesy crab rangoon. Assorted sushi and sashimi come plattered up and ready. Indulge in rice or noodle dishes with tons of veggies or perfectly cooked beef, chicken, or seafood.sushi delivery Chicago, best sushi in Chicago

Bistro Dragon (Meacham Road, Elk Grove Village)

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If you need a meal to help calm a rough week, order the delivery sushi that Chicago eaters claim infuses order with zen form. Bistro dragon offers bento boxes featuring delicately rolled sushi choices, an egg roll or vegetable spring roll, and a side of rice. Classic Chinese bento boxes swap sushi for shrimp with garlic sauce, orange chicken, or grilled beef. It’s refined food for even the most unrefined workweek.sushi delivery Chicago, best sushi in Chicago

Nami Sushi (W. Lawrence Avenue, Harwood Heights)

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Nami Sushi offers massive platters of creative rolls and Asian favorites like edamame and dumplings. The massive Nami Maki Lover’s platter combines playful takes on California rolls, rainbow rolls, and more. Always a local favorite, the Chicago crazy roll’s spicy mayo, tuna, salmon, white tuna, cucumber, and tempura crunch makes locals proud, while welcoming newcomers to the area.

Ukai Japanese Restaurant (W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago)

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If a prospective client or beloved office admin loves crazy sushi rolls with all the fixings, order the best sushi in Chicago for both fish and fun from Ukai Japanese Restaurant. A cooked maki tray ensures that everyone feels safe and satiated. Rolls named after local sports teams and packed with extra oomph keep the most sushi-savvy on their toes. Try the Sox roll with white tuna, pickled gourd, cilantro, black fish roe, and spicy sauce. Your team will sing the song “Chicago” like Sinatra and forget about that trip to Tokyo.

Kin Sushi & Thai Cuisine (N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago)

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Changing Chicago weather makes some days hard to handle. Kin Sushi & Thai Cuisine makes it easy to get both refined Japanese sushi and warming Thai dishes on one buffet. Sushi catering trays conveniently combine the best creamy and crunchy rolls by headcount, which means everyone gets classic salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber Philly rolls and adventurous pickled gourd, pickled radish, and shitake mushroom veggie rolls. The Thai entrees like spicy basil stir-fry or fried rice, with your choice of protein, are great if you’re looking for hotter or heartier fare. Kin Sushi & Thai Cuisine covers the sushi delivery that Chicago eaters need, and then some.

Jieyi Sushi (N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago)

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Every sushi lover in your crew will fill up on the large portions of Jieyi Sushi’s specialty eatsand budgets will remain intact, too. Make customizable platters of classic sushi rolls, and then add on signature favorites like the salmon and cream cheese “bagel roll” or spicy vegetarian green roll with tempura string beans, sweet potato, and guacamole. A list of creamy curries and fiery fried rice tops off the hefty sushi menu. The best sushi in Chicago doesn’t stop at fish and rice.


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