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If you think the words “pizza” and “San Francisco” don’t belong in the same sentence—think again. “In fact, you’ll find world-class pizza here that can rival Chicago, New York, and even Italy,” writes Lexi Pandell at Condé Nast Traveler. When it comes to creativity, chefs use northern California’s fresh produce as inspiration. The result? Pies with curry sauce or pesto, a little alligator meat instead of spicy sausage. There are plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, too—no city is as friendly to eaters with dietary restrictions or serious allergies. Here are ten joints that offer some of the best pizza in San Francisco:

1. Pronto’s (Grand Avenue, South San Francisco)

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Pronto’s is the pizza delivery service San Francisco eaters rely on for signature style. With more than twenty creative combos, you can try everything from a sweet ham, pineapple, and bacon trio to a smoky tandoori pie with chicken, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, and zucchini.

2. Kinara Fusion Kitchen (Post Street, San Francisco)

Best pizza delivery places in San Francisco

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In a stroke of genius, Kinara fuses Indian cuisine with pizza—what more do you need to know? (So much more.) Get saucy with their house-made curry or spicy paneer parthaka. When you’re looking for enticing pizza delivery, San Francisco eaters know that no single country carries a crown.

3. Little Star Pizza (Valencia Street, San Francisco)

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Little Star Pizza knows you don’t become the pizza delivery place San Francisco diners rave about on a pie and a prayer. Chicago-style deep-dish? Check. Thinnest of thin crusts? They toss those, too. Need a white pie loaded with local asparagus? Or a super savory gluten-free crust? Your wish is their command.

4. Mr. Pizza Man (E. 4th Avenue, San Mateo) 

Best pizza delivery places in San Francisco

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Super-fresh ingredients and a good dose of humor—”Veggie Wedgie Pizza,” anyone?—make Mr. Pizza Man’s pies some of the best pizza in San Francisco for vegetarians, special diets, and linguiça-loving omnivores alike. A slice of “Widow Maker,” for example, comes topped with six kinds of cured meat.

5. North Beach Pizza (Stanyan Street, San Francisco)

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How do you say “quality” in Italian? North Beach Pizza. (Technically it’s qualità, but we’re talking pizza delivery, San Francisco.) With more than twenty years serving the Bay Area, they know how to offer variety. Fresh market veggies, sweet Italian sausage, and sharp provolone are all available on a gluten-free crust, too. Qualità, indeed!

6. Nizario’s Pizza (Geary Boulevard, San Francisco)

Best pizza delivery places in San Francisco

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Since 1983, Nizario’s has cultivated a reputation as the best pizza place in San Francisco for pushing boundaries. The “Big Kahuna” serves up chicken, pineapple, onions, and Canadian bacon. Or go Greek with black olives, ripe red tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, feta, and herbed dressing.

7. Villa Italian Kitchen (20th Avenue, San Francisco)

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Villa Italian Kitchen delivers the best pizza in San Francisco when you just need some comfort food. Their tasty toppings include pork sausage, thinly sliced mushrooms, shredded spinach, sizzling pepperoni, and sweet ham.

8. Oz Pizza (Castro Street, San Francisco)

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Oz Pizza is the one pizza delivery joint San Francisco eaters know is too unique for the East Coast. For example, their “Clams Heaven” features briny shellfish, parsley, and garlic. (It works.) With large slices, gluten-free crusts, and camel or alligator meat, Oz Pizza fires the pies you can’t afford to miss.

9. Fresca Garden (4th Street, San Francisco)

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It takes old-world freshness with new-world flavor to be the best pizza place in San Francisco. Fresca Garden offers both classic combinations, like a cheese pizza with sautéed veggies, spicy pepperoni, and fragrant basil, and unique pies, too. Their pesto, warm garlic, and veggie pie will shake things up.

10. Fresco Pizza & Shawarma (Polk Street, San Francisco)

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Middle Eastern flavors and Italian thin-crusts are the name of the game at this intriguing pizza delivery joint in downtown San Francisco. The “Halal Chicken Shawarma” pie features charred chicken strips, buttery roasted onions, and sweet bell peppers. There’s plenty of vegetarian options, too.

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