Apr 23 2018
Jenn Mar
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The “best” in catering is highly subjective. As we chose our “best” catering companies of the year, it forced us to focus on the task at hand. The task was to work through our network of over 60 thousand top catering companies across the USA and identify, if somewhat hyperbolically, the single “best” catering companies in a handful of cities.

The trouble with lists is that far from offering a scientific survey, the pronouncements (“best catering in the USA!”) are made from self-imposed rules. What attributes were we looking for? Taste and popularity, of course. Good ratings, too. But also, we thought, the contenders—all top catering companies—should be judged on reliability and quality of delivery service, too, seeing as how these are the biggest concerns of our customers, the hungry folks who order business catering every day.

The ezCater catering marketplace hardly suffers from a scarcity of good food. All of our caterers have skills and cook meals worthy of America’s attention, with layer after layer of intense flavor. Meaning it was a difficult process, selecting the “best catering in the USA” from a pool of top catering companies. But we think we did a good job with our lists this year. The caterers who made it are an interesting and diverse crop, with something for adventure-seekers and traditionalists, for pizza-heads and veggie-forward palates. That said, let’s celebrate this year’s “best of” caterers.

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Jenn Mar

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Jenn Mar

Jenn Mar is senior digital editor at ezCater. She's anchored by crusty donuts and tingly “biang biang” noodles.

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