Jul 10 2018
Sarah Gurr
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How to plan an office party like a champ

Between booking a venue and hunting down a tardy DJ, planning an office party can be a restless time of sorting through messy details. Still, you’ll likely be called to put in your time, as every year there are holiday celebrations, birthdays, employee highlights, retirement shindigs.

Planning an office party can be overwhelming, and it takes a lot of work. But creating opportunities for your staff to relax, connect, and celebrate accomplishments together is important. Parties help improve company culture, employee morale, and teamwork. And your role in planning those events can have a big impact.

How to plan a party while having a good time

When you’re planning an office party, we insist that you, well, dig it. Maybe you know this, but there is an art—a how-to art—in planning a party, without feeling like you’ve lifted a finger. Don’t squeeze yourself by doing it all on your own—appoint coworkers to help. Get organized and move deliberately in stages. Make lists. Why? Because the greatest thing in the world could be customizable checklists, to keep your head from spinning.

Trust us. When it’s all over, the glow on your guests’ faces will make you feel like a champ. You may even feel compelled to plan the next party—this time around you’ll know how to deal with the unexpected. Stress will glide off your back. For weeks on end everyone will be talking about the catering, the music, the things said, buoyantly laughing together, finishing each other’s sentences.

Want to get started? Our downloadable comprehensive guide will show you how to plan your next successful office party so that it’s easy, breezy. We’ve also included quick tips for saving money and keeping stress at bay.

What’s in our guide:

Inside, you’ll find tips and ideas on:

  • How to plan your party in advance, in stages, to minimize chaos.
  • How to define your office party and plan around a theme.
  • Questions to ask yourself during the early planning stages.
  • How to plan an office party around a budget.
  • How to choose a fabulous location and fine entertainment.
  • How to enlist a brigade of support to keep stress at bay.
  • Customizable party checklists to keep you organized.

Download Your Party Planning Guide

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Sarah Gurr

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