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Jenn Mar
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There’s always a bit of a thrill to find the office neatly set with breakfast. Creamed scones, canapés of smoked fish, smoothie bowls showered with pistachios. Sure, business meetings are about work, not what is eaten. But food can set the right mood and inspire conversation. People feel valued, at ease, less rushed. There’s rarely a guest who will not furtively help himself to the banana bread.

To help you plan a flawless morning meeting, here are some guidelines for how to order breakfast catering for the office.

1. What’s the occasion?

The event format will help determine what type of food, and how much, to offer. What kind of breakfast meeting are you hosting at the office?

  • Formal meeting
  • Semiformal meeting
  • Sales pitch 
  • Workshop
  • Convention
  • Just breakfast among colleagues

Depending on the nature of your event, you may need to keep some things in mind. Here are some tips for how to order breakfast catering for the following event formats:

Formal meetings. A whiff of eggs isn’t going to help you out with a quarterly board meeting. If you’re planning an event that champions suits and ties, don’t fill the room with breakfast foods that smell too amazing. Go for flaky croissants instead.

Stressful meetings. If the meeting will be one of frayed nerves, people will probably have smaller appetites. On the flip side, people eat (and eat and eat) when they’re mingling. Adjust your catering order accordingly.

Long meetings. The longer your event, the more likely people are going to drift back to the buffet table. Order extra food. The nice thing to do is make sure no one gets hungry for lunch at 11.

Meetings without tables or seating. Even if your people will be balancing paper plates on their laps, you can still host a great breakfast meeting. Consider whether you need the following to improve the experience:

  • Handheld food
  • Portable breakfast boxes
  • Drinks only
  • Silver chafing dishes

To help you plan a flawless morning meeting, here are some guidelines for how to order breakfast catering for the office.

2. How many people are attending the office breakfast?

Knowing your budget and group size can help you to make important decisions, such as which caterers and types of food you can afford. If you’re feeding tons of people at the office, a buffet may be easier on your budget than breakfast boxes. Generally, the more mouths to feed, the more you’ll pinch pennies. If the math drives you crazy, here are some ideas for cheap breakfasts for under $5.

3. How to order breakfast catering for those with dietary restrictions

Always ask your guests whether they have dietary preferences or food allergies. Here are some tips on how to order breakfast catering for those with special diets:

  • Order 1-2 dishes that everyone can eat. Then build out your menu from there.
  • Flexible grains bowls can anchor the menu. Vegans and the gluten-averse can enjoy a roasted veggie breakfast bowl or an oatmeal porridge with berries and coconut. For those who do love meat, add ingredients like eggs and smoky sausage.
  • Plan to keep vegans fueledMake sure at least 10 percent of your menu is gluten-free and vegan- and vegetarian-friendly.
  • Order extra portions of vegan foodJust in case the meat eaters get in there first.
  • Communicate. Always give the caterer a heads-up about food allergies and dietary preferences.

To help you plan a flawless morning meeting, here are some guidelines for how to order breakfast catering for the office.

4. Pick a cuisine they’ll absolutely love at your next office breakfast

Consider the tone you want to set and which foods and cuisines best represent your company. If your office is free-spirited, hangover breakfast foods—like doughnut sandwiches—might call out to you. But that’s maybe not the best idea if you’re dealing with a multinational corporation. Go for the pretty, globally inspired breakfast boxes instead.

Pro tip: The breakfast lineup should be inspired by the season. When the chilled air rushes in, it’s time for a savory breakfast bowl of roasted eggplant and a soft-boiled egg. When the summer light pours in, go for an energizing smoothie bowl.

To help you plan a flawless morning meeting, here are some guidelines for how to order breakfast catering for the office.

5. Time of serving

Ask yourself:

  • How long will the catering sit out before people eat?
  • How long will breakfast be available before food gets put away?

It’s no secret that some foods lose their integrity the longer they sit—like scrambled eggs. Remember that hot food cools, and cool food warms. If you’re having breakfast on the dot, it’s fine to order a hot breakfast. But if breakfast is meant to go on for hours, order dishes that are delicious at room temperature—like herbed quiches and chocolate croissants.

6. Keep them hydrated at your next office breakfast

People do get thirsty, so order up some coffee, espresso, tea, and fresh juice for the crowd. At the very least, put out pitchers of water for your guests.

Beat procrastination. Finish that catering order you’ve been putting off.

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