Mar 30 2018
Nick Leonard
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When you were starting out, it was probably easy enough to keep track of all your sales, cash flow, and inventory on your own. But now that business is picking up, you have more transactions than ever. Especially if you’re dreaming of some day expanding, now is the time to find a point of sale (POS) system that can do that work for you. Because as PC Magazine says, good POS systems are like “cash registers on steroids.” There are so many different kinds out there, so how do you find the best POS system for restaurant management? We’ve rounded up ten great restaurant management systems worth checking out. Read on to see if one may be right for your growing business.

1. Breadcrumb

An offering of the company Upserve, Breadcrumb restaurant POS was created with employees in mind. It was designed by a team of former restaurant managers, servers, and bartenders to solve many of the pain points you face on a daily basis. The design is simple, so training new team members is a breeze. It’s customizable to match your menu and restaurant size. And it’s tablet-based, which means you can take it to wherever you need it. It also allows for an offline mode. So if your network goes down, you can still function at full capacity.

2. Cake

For anyone who wants to have their cake and, well, you know, Cake could be the best POS system for your restaurant. It’s a fully integrated restaurant management system with the POS at its center. The cloud-based system works best on the company’s own hardware, which you can buy or lease. And once you’ve mastered payments and transactions, you can also take advantage of modules for marketing and payroll management.

3. Clover

Clover is an easy-to-use payment system that you can easily upgrade to match the size of your business. The hardware includes a monitor, cash register, and receipt printer and offers sleek design. It’s a good fit for quick-service restaurants because the interface is so intuitive. And it works on an app system. So when you’re ready to add other options, like an employee time clock or a customer loyalty plan, you can easily level up your software to make that work.

4. Lavu

Headquartered out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lavu has risen to the top of the restaurant management system pack because it has specific POS systems for different types of businesses. Lavu knows that running an ice cream shop is different than running a brewery, a food truck, or a pizzeria. As such, it offers different interfaces that meet the needs of different types of businesses. For example, mobility is most important to a food truck. But in the quick-service biz, it’s speed that matters. Lavu gets all that. And, they get that your business is constantly evolving, so it offers frequent updates to address customer concerns.

5. Maitre’D

Posera’s Maitre’D POS system is robust and versatile. It was designed specifically for the restaurant industry, so it’s no wonder it’s used widely, from fine-dining restaurants to quick-service joints everywhere. It’s revered for its durability, as it rarely crashes. And, you don’t need a specific hardware to use the system, as it works on a variety of platforms. And if you’re looking for new features, Maitre’D is integrated with plug-ins that let you add loyalty programs, couponing, and more.

6. Revel

Revel is ideal for a restaurant with multiple locations, or one looking to some day franchise. The iPad-based system is highly customizable. In particular, Revel gets high marks for inventory control, which is especially important across different locales. It benefits from the efficiency and design that comes from an iOS system.

7. ShopKeep

Another iPad-based system, ShopKeep is known for its simplicity. The sleek design is very user-friendly. You need your restaurant management system to be quick and easy to use. That’s what ShopKeep offers in spades. It’s designed specifically for small businesses. And while the system is slightly limited in overall inventory management, that’s a minor gripe, especially if you’re just starting out.

8. Square

Square is one of the most popular POS systems on the market, and it’s easy to see why. The POS system is intuitive, easy to use, and perfect for new businesses. The Square integration works for both iOS and Android devices. And, the flat-fee pricing structure can be very appealing if you’re looking for a predictable pricing model. One of the best parts about this option is that it can also integrate directly with a smartphone, meaning it’s mobile-friendly and perfect for any business where you may want to take transactions on the go.

9. Toast

What really makes Toast one of the best POS systems for restaurants is the company’s commitment to customer support. They really make an effort to ensure that you are getting the most out of the system. But not only that, Toast is a user-friendly tool that excels at helping you improve the experience of your customers. There are modules for transactions, of course, but also for customer data management, loyalty programs, and gift cards. Toast is a popular choice and is an effective one for businesses of all sizes.

10. TouchBistro

Are you looking to bring your POS system tableside? If so, TouchBistro is the best POS system for your restaurant. It’s all iPad-based, so it works well for smaller or larger operations, but especially for cafes and bars. When the payment system is simplified, it means your team has more time to actually serve your customers. It has a modern-looking interface, and there is additional functionality for inventory management, staffing, and table assignments.

Are you looking for more tools to help manage your business. Start here

Are you looking for more tools to help manage your business.

Start here

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