Staples Business Advantage members exclusively receive 3% to 6% off each business catering order at ezCater.com. All first time ezCater users on the account will be eligible for a $50 promo code.

Premium members should click on the ezCater banner on the Staples Business Advantage Corporate Perks page which will take them to the Premium dedicated ezCater page. There, they can simply put together an order on the ezCater website and your Premium discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

We have made it easy to redeem this offer! Any 1st-time ezCater customer will have the $50 discount applied in their shopping cart when they have started their order by clicking through the Staples Business Advantage Premium portal. The $50 off is for first-time ezCater customers only, and is only applicable to the first order with ezCater. The promotion can be used for weekday delivery orders to a business, but cannot be used for takeout orders, residential deliveries, or deliveries on weekends.

Staples Business Advantage members who are not already an ezCater customer, or who are not an employee of an existing ezCater Corporate Account, are eligible for this program.

General Info

Absolutely! ezCater never adds any fees beyond those that the caterer requires. You’ll always see the breakdown of the caterer’s charges: food, delivery, tip, tax. Nothing is hidden and there are no mark-ups.

The base discount is 3% for all orders, but the caterers and restaurants in the ezCater network will often offer a larger discount to encourage more people to try them and order from them on an ongoing basis. You will see the discount that is offered by each caterer as you are looking at the options in your area.

Any kind you would like! We have a wide range of reliable restaurants and caterers. Our only order minimums or requirements are what the caterers specify. If you have a caterer you’d like to see added to our network, visit https://www.ezcater.com/suggest_caterer (you must be a registered user).

Yes and yes. All of our caterers deliver. If you prefer to pick up the food yourself, simply set your order up as a takeout order.

Yes. If you’re ever not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right. We’ll make it up to your guests, too, if that’s appropriate.

Yes. You can place orders with confidence, since we use 128-bit SSL encryption and secure hosting facilities for all sensitive data. Please see our Privacy Policy for more.

You control how we share your information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more.


  1. Enter the delivery location for your order.
    Once you are logged in, find your way to the Start New Order page (you’ll land there automatically when logged in, or you can always click Start New Order from the top menu). Enter the specific street address, city, and state where the food will be delivered and then click the Start Order button.
  2. Enter the date and time for your event.
    Once you enter your location and hit Start Order, you will land on a page with a list of caterers that will deliver to that exact location. Enter the date and time for your event in the box at the top left. You will notice that the list of available caterers will shrink to only those available to deliver at that exact date and time.
  3. Review and narrow your options with filters.
    Use the filter options along the left side of the page to alter the list of available caterers based on your needs and interests. Need something vegetarian-friendly or prefer Mediterranean food? Use the Cuisine filter to find the right food. Use the Price, Delivery Fee, or Minimum Order filters to find just the right caterer for your budget.
  4. View menus and build your order.
    Click the names of the caterers to see their menus. Once you find one that you like, click on the menu items you’d like to order and follow the prompts to select quantities, etc. You’ll see the order build in your cart on the right as you add each item.
  5. Checkout and submit your order.
    Once you’ve built your order, click the Checkout button. Follow the prompts and add details to the delivery instructions and continue. If it’s your first time, you’ll need to add your credit card information. Then press Place Order to submit.
We’re Here to Help

If you have additional questions, we’re here to help! Contact customer service by calling 1-800-488-1803 or emailing support@ezcater.com

Yes. You can place orders days or months in advance. We stay on top of all future orders. And, we only bill your credit card on the event day.

Yes. Your Scheduled Orders page shows your pending orders. Your Receipts page has all past orders. That page also lets you create an Expense Report, by printing your receipts for any date range.

Yes. When you’ve selected an office, orders you’ve placed for them in the past are offered for you to Duplicate. You can create an exact duplicate, or modify the details for the current situation.

Yes. Please call us at 1-800-488-1803 or email us at support@ezcater.com.

There is no cancellation fee, but the caterer may have to charge for food already prepared.

Of course. Simply tell us your needs under “special instructions” in your order. Or, call us at 1-800-488-1803.

My Account

You can always change any of your information in your Profile page.

Very easily. With ezCater, you can’t lose a receipt. We email you a detailed receipt after an order completes, and store your receipts online forever in your Receipts page. You can print any receipts using the “Expense Report” button, too.

Just go to your Receipts page, and click the “PDF” link for an order to download the receipt.

You can change your password on your Profile page.

No problem. Click the “Forgot your password?” link that comes up in the error message on the sign-in page.

Pricing & Payment

Never knowingly. Prices on ezCater are identical to the caterer’s normal pricing, unless they and we got out of sync. With thousands of caterers, that can happen. We’ll make it right for you.

ezCater receives commissions from the caterers.

We bill your credit card on the day of your event.

Some caterers charge a delivery fee, which is clearly displayed when you place your order.

We recommend it unless the distance is small, or the delivery fee is already large. Drivers rely on tips. Simply enter the tip amount when you finalize payment on an order. Then you’re all set, even if you’re not present when the delivery occurs.

Any time. If you no longer have the email copy, simply go to Receipts.

ezCater accept all major credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Premium ezCater offer is a base 3% discount off the food total, excluding taxes, tips, and all caterer fees (e.g., delivery fees). The additional discount, up to a total of 6%, will vary depending on the caterer that is selected.
  • All first time ezCater users on the account will be eligible for a $50 promo code.
  • Offer is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
  • Applicable taxes will be added and shown as a line item at check out. Taxes are calculated based on local jurisdictions.
  • Your promotional discount percentage is applicable to any ezCater order using your Premium membership.
  • The ezCater service is provided by ezCater, Inc. and Staples is not responsible for any claims for damages arising from the use of the ezCater service.
  • This offer is subject to ezCater’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.