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The Local Grind

Kylie in Lake Oswego, OR
We love this place. So good, exceed expectations. Will continue to order.

MAD Greens

Liza in Denver, CO
Love MAD greens. It is part of my regular rotation now
Another hit order from B.GOOD! Our guests from out of town raved about the options and how delicious everything was. Very prompt delivery as well.
Sarah in Boston, MA
Food is fresh but they are still skimping on the protein for the salads. Come on Grabbagreen! I do believe we’re done.
Bernadette in Raleigh, NC
Customers loved the food and it was delivered perfectly and on time. Not early or late.
Mike in Delray Beach, FL

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What does vegetarian catering mean?

When you opt for vegetarian-friendly catering, it means that all menu items are completely free of meat, poultry, and fish. However, just because meat is missing from the menu doesn't mean that your attendees will be missing out — in fact, it's quite the opposite.

With menu options such as classic veggie burgers and plant-based hot dogs to filling entrees like vegetable lasagna and plant-based meatloaf, vegetarian-friendly catering is highly versatile. Whether you're looking for something quick and tasty for a busy working lunch or planning a large corporate event, vegetarian-friendly catering is suitable for events of all themes and sizes. 

Vegetarian catering chefs offer dishes with rich, plant-based flavors and healthy ingredients such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes. Plus, vegetarian-friendly catering is highly inclusive and adaptable to accommodate attendees with unique dietary needs and special preferences. 

What kinds of vegetarian foods can I get?

Specific offerings may vary depending on the caterer or restaurant you decide to hire, but vegetarian cuisine in general is quite versatile with many options to choose from. Some common and well-liked vegetarian foods include:

- Vegetarian pizza. While specific toppings and crust types can vary between caterers, vegetarian pizzas are usually topped with fresh veggies like tomatoes, onions, peppers, and even avocado. Cheese options generally include both nondairy and dairy cheese, and some caterers offer gluten-free crusts. 

- Vegetarian tacos and burritos. Tacos and burritos are popular catering options that are both delicious and vegetarian friendly. Some common ingredient options include beans, rice, cheese, avocado, onions, and vegetable or soy protein meat alternatives. 

- Veggie burgers. Vegetarian burgers are a great choice for company barbecues, outdoor gatherings, and casual office parties. Made with ingredients such as textured vegetable protein, brown rice, vegetables, and soy, many types of veggie burgers offer taste and texture that's very close to the real thing!  

- Vegetarian sandwiches. Handheld sandwiches are light, tasty, and perfect for eating on the go. Fixings and ingredient options may include fresh vegetables, plant-based cold cuts, cheese, and various dressings and sauces. Some caterers also offer a selection of different breads and wraps, along with gluten-free options. 

Is vegetarian cuisine friendly to other dietary needs?

Some vegetarian foods such as textured vegetable proteins, nuts, and fruits are naturally gluten free and dairy free. However, your caterer or restaurant may also offer dishes made with cheese and eggs, and items such as cereal and bread often contain wheat gluten. 

Researching the restaurant or catering menu can help you find more inclusive options to meet the dietary needs of your guests. It's also a good idea to let your caterer or restaurant know if any of your attendees have any specific dietary restrictions or special preferences so they can make accommodations if necessary. If you're ordering from ezCater, you can filter your restaurants and caterers to select ones that offer vegetarian foods. You can also request that your caterer or restaurant label the dietary-friendly food or serve it on separate trays to ensure easy access for your guests with restrictions or sensitivities.

How much vegetarian food should I order?

The amount of vegetarian food you should order depends on the number of attendees at your event and how many of those attendees are requesting vegetarian meals. If you're ordering vegetarian cuisine for your entire group, here are some examples: 

- Main entrees: 1 to 1.5 servings per guest

- Vegetarian sandwiches: 12 sandwiches per every 12 guests

- Vegetarian tacos: 2 to 4 tacos per person (depending on taco size)

- Vegetarian side dishes: 4 ounces of each side per person

- Beverages: 2 drinks per person for the first hour of the event, 1 drink per person for each additional 30 minutes

What’s the difference between vegetarians and vegans?

While both vegetarian and vegan diets are completely meat free, some vegetarians consume eggs and dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and butter. Vegan diets are entirely plant based and free of eggs and dairy. Some vegans opt for egg and dairy alternatives such as soy or cashew cheese, almond milk, and tofu-based egg substitutes. 

Vegetarians who supplement their diets with eggs and dairy are called lacto-ovo vegetarians, and those who consume dairy products are referred to as lacto-vegetarians. Many caterers offer vegetarian options as alternatives to their regular menu items, and there are some caterers who only serve vegetarian foods.