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Reviews with the inside scoop on Indian catering

Silver Spoon Kabobs

Pia in Bethesda, MD
The flavor of the food was good, though the meat to rice ratio is heavily on the rice. About 6 small pieces of chicken in the Chicken tikka masala and butter chicken. And about 2 cups of rice. The samosa dough was not too thick, and was flavorful but didn’t have enough of the tamarind chutney, only 3 small containers. They were able to accommodate individual packaging though, which was nice.

New India Chaat Cafe

Jeremy in Cupertino, CA
Great indian food - our group loved it.
Food was on time, it tasted great! Staff loved it.
Jane in Hayward, CA
The order was arrived half hr early and the food was not that hot when we ate. The taste was OK.
Sharath in Needham, MA
The food was delivered on time, if not a little bit early, which was greatly appreciated! The food was delicious and we received many requests wanting to know where the food was from; I was happy to share Great India with them!
Susan in San Francisco, CA

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Why should I order Indian catering?

Ready to wow your team with complex flavors and unique dishes? Serve up a work lunch with international flair when you choose Indian catering for your workplace. It can help break up the monotony of usual workplace food options, and Indian cuisine makes it easy to accommodate lots of different preferences and dietary needs.

What are some Indian dishes I could order?

Whether you visit a local Indian restaurant frequently or have never tried Indian food, you've likely heard of some of these classic dishes for Indian catering.

- Biryani: A rice dish with spices, veggies, and often some type of meat

- Samosa: Filled, fried dough often containing potatoes, onions, and peas 

- Masala dosa: Thin, pancake or crepe-like food with various fillings

- Tandoori chicken: Roasted chicken made with a yogurt and spice marinade

- Curry: Sauced dishes usually containing veggies and meat with many sauce and ingredient variations

- Chana masala: Chickpea curry in a tomato sauce

Rice is a common side dish with many Indian entrees. Various veggies and potatoes often come as part of the meal. Various types of bread, including naan, roti, puri, and chapati, often go along with classic Indian cuisine as well. Local Indian catering options often have slight variations in their menus. Compare the options to help you choose one that serves the dishes you want. 

Can Indian catering support specific dietary needs or allergies?

Yes, Indian food can fit a wide variety of special dietary needs and food allergies. Many Indian dishes are already gluten-free, and you'll also find lots of vegetarian and vegan options on a typical Indian menu. Several dishes are traditionally vegan as well. Chana masala is a chickpea curry that comes in tomato sauce, while dal chawal features lentils and rice. Check with your selected catering company to explore the menu options and find out if they can accommodate specific needs.

What kinds of events is Indian catering appropriate for?

Choose Indian catering for all types of work events. When you're catering a classier corporate event, opt for a plated, sit-down option reminiscent of a restaurant meal. A buffet of all the classic Indian cuisine is the perfect meal option for a holiday party, employee birthday party, or casual special event for your staff. An Indian catering service can handle a range of meal options and dishes, with the perfect menu to fit any workplace catering needs.

What are the six primary tastes according to Indian Food Theory?

Indian food often incorporates six tastes, also known as Rasas, based on Ayurveda principles. Those tastes are:

- Sweet. Known to be grounding and nourishing, sweet flavors come through in dairy, dates, pumpkin, wheat, rice, and other ingredients. 

- Sour. These flavors can support digestion and awaken thoughts and emotions. Pickled and fermented foods can bring out the sour flavor. Other common ingredients include vinegar, lemon, and tamarind.

- Salty. Incorporating salty ingredients like tamari and sea vegetables can support digestion and add flavor.

- Pungent. Pungent ingredients are bold and often spicy. They're said to help clear your mind, clear your sinuses, improve your appetite, and heighten your senses. Examples include onions, garlic, hot peppers, ginger, and hot spices.

- Bitter. Foods with the bitter taste may have a detoxifying effect and are cool and light compared to other tastes. You can find this taste in most teas, turmeric, and raw green veggies. 

- Astringent. The final taste is astringent and tends to have a drying effect in the mouth. It includes pomegranate, parsley, green grapes, and okra. 

Ayurveda practices recommend adding all six flavors to each meal. The idea is that adding all the tastes gives you a balanced meal with the right nutrition to help you feel satisfied and stay healthy.