COVID-smart access to food for work

It’s hard to please everyone: meet their dietary needs, stay on budget, and make sure the food is safely prepared, reliably delivered, and individually packaged. Meet Relish:

  • Safe, convenient access to individual meals from a rotating list of local restaurants
  • Meals arrive at a designated time and place, and employees can grab and go
  • No worries about shared utensils, crowded office kitchens and elevators, or long restaurant lines

Reliable & safe

Individually packaged meals from local favorite restaurants appear at a designated place & time.


Employees order for themselves, in under a minute. When the food comes, they can grab it and go, or sit and eat—whatever works.

In your control

You choose how much of the cost to subsidize, and when and where the delivery arrives. You call one place—us—if anything ever goes wrong.

Priced right

Prices are the same as on the restaurant’s takeout menu. Delivery is $25 per restaurant for any size delivery.

Your employees get variety.
You get control.
Everybody eats safely

Relish works with any schedule and budget.

You choose which days of the week you want meals delivered. Meals can be company-paid or partially subsidized (so employees pay less for lunch).

The best local restaurants, brought safely to you

Never miss out on popular lunch spots. We rotate restaurants daily and offer loads of local favorites.

We learn your employees’ preferences, so we can bring you more of the restaurants your people love, and none of the ones they don’t.

Get daily employee meals

“Relish saves me time every day and makes it ridiculously simple to order food for each person at my office. I wish I had discovered it years ago.”

Ann Chase, Office Manager at Litmus

See how a Top-10 consulting firm is feeding critical employees during COVID-19. Spoiler alert: just add Relish).

Food for work that works

Tell us how to reach you and we’ll explain how to get started.

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