Great food at work, without the work

Save time without losing control
Employees do the ordering. Your admin dashboard gives you full visibility.

Happy, productive employees
You set the schedule and budget. Employees choose the meals they want from a rotating list of local favorite restaurants.

Flexible, scalable meals
Easily scale your orders up or down to accommodate evolving headcount and budgets.

How it works

Customize your program

Set up details like when and where you’d like meals to be delivered and how much you’d like to subsidize.

Employees order their meals

See the schedule of restaurants a week in advance and order up to a couple hours before the delivery time on the iOS or Android apps or website. We remind employees to order and notify them when their food is ready for pickup at your office.

See data and run reports in your corporate dashboard

Account admins get access to a dashboard that shows who ordered what and how much was spent. See your team’s favorite restaurants and cuisines and dietary preferences.

Build a food benefit your team will love

Promote food safety at work
Individually packaged and labeled meals are safer and easier for employees.

Flexible subsidy options
Cover the full cost or part of your employees’ meals. Delivery is just $25 per restaurant.

Encourage office attendance
Engage and retain your hybrid employees with a food benefit they’ll love.

Trusted by

“ezCater is the best way to feed people, COVID or not. It takes all the responsibility off of us and it makes people feel really taken care of. They love the food.”

Joy Brown, Office Lead Administrator at Voyager Therapeutics

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We’ll help you create a custom food plan that works for your company.

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