ezCater Releases Tax-Exempt Ordering Feature

BOSTON – April 7, 2016 – ezCater, the only nationwide marketplace for business catering, today announced a new tax-exempt feature for non-profit organizations including religious, government, educational, and other charitable institutions. The new feature automates the process of setting up and receiving tax exemption on catering orders placed through the company’s online marketplace. Once tax-exemption has been set up once for a user at a qualifying organization, all of their future orders from any restaurant or caterer will be processed on the platform without tax assessment. As a result, the feature minimizes the time and financial burden associated with ordering food.

“ezCater and its tax-exempt feature streamlines the whole food ordering process and saves me tremendous amounts of time,” said Maya Langham, investor services support associate at ICMA-RC, a non-profit financial services corporation. “I have the freedom to easily choose from numerous caterers rather than the few local ones I had to manually setup with our tax exemption. The new variety makes my people happy and I save time while staying in compliance.”

Leveraging the Avalara CertCapture system, customers simply upload tax exemption certificates to ezCater’s online ordering platform. The documentation is saved to the customer’s account and automatically applied to all future orders placed across the company’s nationwide network of over 46,000 restaurants and caterers.

“The tax-exempt feature is very convenient because it eliminates all the paperwork and verifications typically required when I order catering,” said Deborah Makray, manager of operations, executive programs at the University of Colorado. “After setting it up, the feature really simplified how I place orders. Instead of continuously managing and arranging contracts with caterers, I can quickly place orders knowing I’ll get the exemption, and then can focus my time on other things.”

According to ezCater CEO, Stefania Mallett, developing the new feature was an easy decision. “When we realized the hoops our non-profit customers had to jump through to get the tax exemption they deserve, we knew we could help,” said Mallett. “Making catering easy is our business. We constantly add new features that save our customers even more time and money.”

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