There are no signup fees or recurring monthly fees to be an ezCater partner.
You only pay when you accept an order.


You pay a standard commission for orders you accept from the ezCater Marketplace, and a reduced commission for orders that come through ezOrdering from your website.

This commission powers the 5-star service team supporting your orders, the technology to manage your catering business, and everything else we do to help you grow. It also fuels the marketing that brings you more Marketplace orders.

Credit Card Processing

You pay a standard credit card processing fee for ezCater to process credit card transactions.
Credit Card Processing

Optional: Marketing Programs

By paying more through Preferred Partner and ezRewards, you can get more orders from the ezCater Marketplace. These fees are investments to increase your order volume. You only pay if they get you more orders, and you can adjust your settings at any time.

Optional: ezDispatch

If you choose, you can use ezDispatch to hand off delivery of an order to our network of professional, reliable delivery providers.

Example Order

Commission = $19.50

15% of $130 (meal subtotal & delivery)

Credit Card Processing Fee = $3.76

2.75% of $137 (meal subtotal, delivery & tax)

After commission and credit card fees, you’d get $133.74 for this order.

You receive payment for orders weekly. Learn more about payment.


Contact the Partner Success team.