Say yes to more orders.

With ezDispatch, you can expand your delivery capacity and grow your business. You get easy access to our network of professional, reliable delivery providers, backed by our award-winning customer service team to ensure that each order arrives successfully.

Already deliver but want to add capacity and flexibility?

Choose the orders you want to deliver yourself. Trust ezDispatch with the rest.

Don’t offer catering delivery?

Use ezDispatch to reach new customers without building your own delivery fleet.

How It Works

You request ezDispatch for an order in ezManage.

(Learn more about ezManage)

ezCater matches your order with a delivery provider and emails you the details.

The driver picks up the order at the scheduled time and delivers it to your customer.

Pricing & Payment

You keep your own delivery fee that was paid by the customer, and pay us the ezDispatch fee. (As always at ezCater, you don’t pay any signup or monthly fees.)

We pay the delivery provider. If the customer included  an optional gratuity on the order, we pass that on to the delivery provider too.

What Our Partners Say

“We explored other catering delivery solutions, but no one compared to the full-service experience ezCater offers.”

Hannah Vlk

Associate Brand Manager, Off Premise & Third Party Partners, Bob Evans Restaurants

“We didn’t offer delivery before. We use ezDispatch to get our food into the homes and businesses of our guests.”

Krista Moffett

Associate Marketing Manager, Rubio’s Coastal Grill

“ezDispatch is definitely one of our key partnerships.”

Luigi Pascua

Marketing Manager, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

“ezDispatch helped us grow tremendously – we do at least 50% more orders.”

Jason Rotter

Partner, Corporate Operations Chicago, Just Salad

Frequently Asked Questions

We safeguard your customer’s experience by 1) carefully selecting our delivery providers, 2) holding our delivery providers to high standards and 3) keeping as close an eye on every order as you might.

We choose delivery providers who are known for reliability, timeliness, and professionalism.

We also continuously measure their performance. If any provider fails to meet our standards, we remove them from our network.

Our customer service team tracks each order to ensure it arrives successfully. In the rare event that something goes wrong, we work with you, the delivery provider, and the customer to make things right.

Drivers for ezDispatch delivery providers use their own vehicles and gas to deliver a single catering order at a time.

Gratuities are a major source of income for these drivers and enable them to provide dependable delivery on demand.

We match each order with a delivery provider based on delivery address, lead time, capacity, and other factors. If the first provider we chose declines the order, we send it to the next best choice.

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