Account Setting Recommendations

Lead Time: 3 hours or less

Search volume has increased for day-of event orders. 20% of searches are for within 5 hours of event. A lower lead time lets you serve more customers. 

Lead time changes can be made self-service in ezManage.

Order Minimum: $50 or less

A smaller minimum opens you up to more customers placing small orders (who may return to you with larger orders later).

Delivery Area: 10–20 miles

There’s no one-size-fits-all delivery area. It depends on your capacity, neighborhood, and more. Choose the delivery area that makes sense for your business.

We know that delivery demand is increasing for all orders. If you need help accommodating deliveries, you can hand them off to ezDispatch.

Delivery Fee: Reduced or $0

Consider changing your delivery fees in line with any reduction of your order minimums.

Many restaurants, grocery providers, and third parties are reducing or eliminating delivery fees to give customers easy access to food.

Change your account settings with our Partner Success team at or (617) 874-5182.

Individually Packaged Items

There’s increasing demand for individually packaged menu items, with some companies requiring that all catering orders be individually packaged. Currently, 50% of ezCater orders include an individually packaged item.

To help, we released a filter on that makes finding catering partners with individually packaged menu items easier.

We also added an Individually Packaged tag on menu items that represent the category.

Do you have items on your menu that can be individually packaged? Let us know.

Individually Packaged Items Form