Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, a fast-casual Mexican chain based in Fort Worth Texas, plans to surpass 200 locations by 2021. That means their catering business is growing, too. And so they need to provide their customers with a smooth ordering experience, as well as accurate and timely orders. In order to be the trusted caterer for thousands of customers, Fuzzy’s was looking for a reliable third party that could offer an outstanding support to their teams. They chose to work closely with ezCater to provide that level of service. 

ezCater doesn’t just help restaurants streamline their catering operations, making the business more profitable. A partnership with ezCater also brings world-class support to the table. Fuzzy’s vice president of operations, Kevin Rychel, was impressed with this added value. “When you make a phone call, they actually answer the phone,” Rychel said. 

In the past year, Fuzzy’s hasn’t had a single issue or complaint with ezCater, which Rychel characterized as phenomenal. Trust in a business relationship is of utmost importance, and Fuzzy’s has found it with ezCater. 

“[ezCater] has definitely been the biggest win that we’ve had,” Rychel said.

ezCater customer service

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