How do you balance taking catering orders while also serving dine-in customers? This is a problem Fuzzy’s Taco Shop faced. The Fort Worth-based, fast-casual Mexican chain plans to reach 200 stores in 2020. Catering is an important part of their business. But the logistics can be challenging. 

“There’s nothing worse than when you have a line out the door right in the middle of the lunch rush, and the phone starts to ring,” said Kevin Rychel, Fuzzy’s vice president of operations. Employees stop what they’re doing to take the order, which could take more than 10 minutes. And that’s time you could spend providing unforgettable guest experience to your dine-in customers and winning their loyalty.

To solve for this, Fuzzy’s uses ezOrdering which allows restaurants to take catering orders right on their own websites. The digital process is more efficient, and still allows for pop-up, up-sell opportunities. With ezOrdering, Fuzzy’s saves time and money otherwise spent on restaurant labor, improves order accuracy, and captures more data about their catering customers. 

“ezOrdering has really been awesome for the operators,” Rychel said. As Fuzzy’s catering business is growing, they can better keep up with the demand thanks to ezOrdering.

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