More and more of our catering partners are adding ezOrdering to their website so they can take catering orders online.

We talked to two of them to hear what they love about ezOrdering and why they recommend it to others.

Tara Loper

Sales and Events Project Manager, Fatz Southern Kitchen
Partner since May 2017 | Added ezOrdering Dec 2017

Larger order values.

“It’s increased our order dollar amount. It really helps with upselling – the way it’s laid out calls attention to being able to add items as you’re ordering.”

Accurate orders.

“It’s really helped boost accuracy in orders. Guests know exactly what they’re ordering. We’re not relying on a phone conversation, or an order being written down – so much room for error.”

Happy customers.

“Guests can put an order in at all hours of the night – we don’t have to be open. They don’t have to be put on hold. They have the menu at their fingertips.”

Katie Dyches

Regional Sales and Events Director, Tin Lizzy’s Cantina
Partner since Aug 2017 | Added ezOrdering Dec 2017

Online payment processing.

“Everybody likes the online option. People can handle payment right then and there. They don’t have to wait for an invoice or for us to call them.”

Free to set up.

“We did look into having online ordering added to our website on our own, and it was going to be far too costly.”

Time back in your day.

“It’s freed up a lot of time to go pursue new business and not spend as much time on administrative tasks.”

Your turn!

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