More catering orders

No need to turn down valuable orders you can’t deliver. With ezDispatch, you can focus on food while we find you a driver.

Delivery you can trust

Protect the reputation you’ve worked hard to build. ezCater has built a network of professional, reliable delivery providers, and we watch these orders closely to safeguard the customer experience.

Two options to meet your needs.


Already deliver but reaching your limit? ezDispatch gives you the flexibility to deliver the orders you’re able to and hand the rest off to a delivery partner.

When you receive a new order, you choose to request delivery.

ezCater reaches out to our delivery network and confirms a provider.

You prepare the food as a takeout order, and a driver picks it up.


Have a pickup-only catering program? With ezDispatch, you can finally serve delivery customers, without the capital investments of your own delivery fleet.

When a customer places an order, we arrange delivery right away.

You receive the order details and accept the order.

You prepare the food as a takeout order, and a driver picks it up.

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