What is ezCater?

ezCater is the world’s largest online catering marketplace. We help our partners grow their catering businesses with a full suite of catering technology, award-winning customer service, and in-depth reporting they can act on.

Get listed on the Marketplace

The ezCater Marketplace is the #1 site for business catering. For foodservice providers who want to grow their catering business, ezCater connects them with high-value catering buyers they cannot easily access themselves.


Nationwide reach.

ezCater Marketplace is the only nationwide marketplace for catering, covering over 22,700 cities. With over 81M served and a customer base of 97% of the Fortune 500, we can bring your menu to customers who are difficult to reach with traditional marketing channels.

More orders, higher value.

ezCater orders have large check sizes and skew toward more profitable menu items, with a $283 average check size and over 20 consumers per order.


Take catering orders with ezOrdering

For partners who want to capture more catering orders, ezOrdering is the fastest way to get more orders through their existing website by adding industry-leading ordering software to their catering pages.

More catering orders, any time of day.

The preference to order online is up 26% year-over-year – an online form is not enough anymore. ezOrdering makes it simple to take catering orders, right from your website.

Meet your customers where they are: online.

Catering is our speciality. With ezOrdering, your customers get an ordering experience built for catering that has been optimized over millions of visits across thousands of menus to be simple, fast and accurate. Plus, ezOrdering partners receive an average of 22% more Marketplace orders.


Expand your delivery capacity with ezDispatch

For catering partners who want to grow their catering business, ezDispatch allows them to accept more orders by expanding their delivery capabilities with a network of trusted delivery providers.

White delivery van moving through an urban landscape.

Grow your delivery area.

Expand your delivery capacity and radius so you can deliver more orders and grow your business without taking employees out of your restaurant at peak times.

Catering-worthy drivers you can count on.

Deliver a customer experience you will be proud of with delivery providers that meet the elevated needs of catering. Be confident that your order will be picked up and delivered as specified and customer service will be completely covered.


Manage all your catering orders with ezManange

For restaurants who need better catering management to simplify operations and build customer loyalty, ezManage captures all catering orders in a single source of truth and provides the tools to accurately track and deliver them on time.

Get a bird’s eye view of your catering business.

ezCater is the only company that helps partners find and capture incremental business and provides tools to manage all their catering orders, customers and prospects. Spend more time focused on food, and less time manually managing catering operations.

Insight you can act on.

ezManage makes delivering a remarkable customer experience easy with accurate order capture, preparation and on-time delivery. Plus, ensure you get paid for every order in a timely manner, and maintain, manage and take action on your prospect, customer and order data all through your ezManage dashboard.


How does it work?

Grow your catering business with the power of ezCater.

ezCater sends you orders

You set your order minimum, delivery fee, delivery radius

Get orders via text, email, or fax

Accept or reject any order

ezCater supports you

You cook & deliver the food from your restaurant

Our award-winning customer service team handles support calls

ezCater pays you

We bill the customer and pay twice per month via check or direct deposit

Run your own reports and export sales data any time within ezCater

Why Buyers Edge and ezCater?

Buyers Edge makes it easy for you to get the products and services you need at the right price. ezCater makes it easy for you to turn your restaurant into a catering machine.

Over 64,000+ caterers in 23k cities nationwide use ezCater to grow their businesses. Now, you can too.

Join ezCater today, and watch the catering orders roll in.