Here’s what you can do.

To Do:  View and respond to orders requiring action (accept/reject, confirm modification, etc.)

Orders:  View all orders, filter by store and time period, create and share a PDF of an order

Account: Contact ezCater by phone or email, send app feedback, view app tutorial

Designed for order management on the go.


Push notifications alert you to orders, which you can respond to right away.


Quickly accept orders, view order details, and share an order as a PDF.


Specifically designed for iPhone, the app is clean and responsive.


Since it’s on your phone and not a shared device, you’re always signed in.


Your phone’s always with you. Now your catering business is too.

Download the ezManage app today.

““The app is seamless and easy to use. The push notification made my life much easier.””


Sunrise Deli

““We love the app. The create PDF button made our life so much easier.””




The app has a built-in tutorial. To view it, open the ezManage app and go to Account > Tutorial. You can also see an overview and screenshots of the app’s features in our Catering Partner Help Center.

Android user?

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