To ensure that both our Catering Partners and Customers have equal expectations, we have laid out the following guidelines for our Extended Service orders.

Setup & Takedown

Setup & Takedown ensures that an order will be nicely presented to a team or an important client.

The customer is looking for:

  • The food to be set up completely, so all the customer needs to do is start serving themselves
  • All food items to be labeled, including any dietary restriction information
  • The on-site contact and catering partner to agree upon a time to come back to take everything down
  • All leftovers to be taken care of and the catering partner to clean up the event space so there is no trace of food

On-site Attendant

On-site Attendant is the next level of service, to make sure that the meal is organized and efficient.

This includes everything in Setup & Takedown plus:

  • An on-site attendant to stay for the duration of the event and rotate items so the food stays hot, fresh, and lines can move smoothly
  • An attendant who is able to answer any questions about food items or allergens

We always recommend labeling food with common allergens and dietary preferences.
Download and print our free template.