Invoicing & simplified payment

Get a single house account for your company to use at over 100,000 restaurants on ezCater.

ezCater’s payment options make ordering food simple & secure

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Invoicing & billing

All food orders are rolled into a single invoice. Set up your account and choose who can use it to check out.

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Shared credit cards

Share a single corporate card with multiple employees across your organization. No more passing credit card numbers back and forth.

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Universal house accounts

No need to manage multiple accounts and payments. Set up one account to use at over 100,000 restaurants.

Getting started is easy

Set up your payment options

Invoicing can be used at every restaurant on ezCater by anyone with access so buying and paying for food is easier than ever. Corporate cards can also be shared across ezCater accounts at your company to make things easier if multiple employees need to buy food with the same card.

Invite employees and choose who has access

Simply add employees to your corporate account and select who should have access to each payment method. Add any fields you need to your company’s checkout process to track spend by transaction.

Employees order whenever they need food

The house account (invoicing) or shared credit card will appear as payment options for any employee who has access. Employees can also check out with their own credit cards as needed.

Get started with ezCater’s corporate solutions

We’ll help you create a custom food plan that works for your company.

Discover more ezCater corporate solutions

Easier expense reporting

Attach custom billing codes to purchases. Use digital receipts and direct Concur integration.

Food budget management

See orders placed by employees across your organization in one centralized dashboard.