Promote food safety at work

Easily find individually packaged and labeled meals to feed groups of any size.

ezCater’s corporate tools make it easy to eat safely at work

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Easily find individually packaged food

Pick from over 112K boxed lunch options on ezCater to suit any budget or need

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Control over delivery

Limit the number of delivery drivers coming into your offices and get contactless delivery as needed

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Trustworthy restaurants

Every restaurant that serves ezCater customers has committed to follow safe operating practices

Getting started is easy


Set up your program details

Whether you want to order on demand for meetings or schedule lunch every Friday, we’ve got options that make it easy to provide safe food options for your employees.

Narrow results to show individually packaged items

Use ezCater’s built-in individual packaging filter to show only restaurants who can offer food that is individually packaged and labeled.a

Consult reviews from businesspeople like you

Over 8.9M catering-specific ratings and reviews help you find reliable and professional options that meet your needs and budget.

Get started with ezCater’s corporate solutions

We’ll help you create a custom food plan that works for your company.

Discover more ezCater corporate solutions

Recurring employee meals

Set up daily or weekly deliveries to your office.

Food for hybrid offices

Set up a meal program without wasted overhead or empty cafeterias.