Easier expense reporting on food spend

Digital receipts and a direct Concur integration make expense reporting effortless.

ezCater’s corporate tools make reporting on food spend simple

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Saved digital receipts

No more lost or illegible receipts. We save digital receipts for every transaction.

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Direct Concur integration

Concur users get effortless reporting. Transactions flow directly into your Concur account.

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Custom checkout fields

Add custom fields to every purchase to track spend by occasion or team.

Getting started is easy

Invite your employees and set up integrations

Invite employees to your account and you’ll get a centralized view of all ordering activity at your organization in your corporate dashboard. Each employee can connect their Concur account to their ezCater account.

Define custom fields and set budget policies

Add any fields you need to your company’s checkout process to track spend by team or occasion. Set up controls like hard or soft limits or price per head, delivery fees, tipping, and more.

Employees enjoy easy, error-free expense reporting

Employees enter a delivery address, build an order, and checkout. Digital receipts are always available in each employee’s account, and Concur users can take advantage of our direct integration.

Get started with ezCater’s corporate solutions

We’ll help you create a custom food plan that works for your company.

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Create a single house account for everyone at your company to use across multiple restaurants.

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