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We can thank our friendly neighbors to the north for the sweet sizzle of breakfast ham, Trivial Pursuit, and Wayne Gretzky’s mad scoring skills. But Canada also gave us Pita Pit catering.

Founded in Ontario in 1995, Pita Pit catering was envisioned by Nelson Lang as a place for healthy, flavorful fast food. He made sure every pita was packed with fueling vegetarian entree spreads and lean meats and veggies. The pitas satisfied and his customers couldn’t get enough. Just four years later, Pita Pit catering expanded in the United States. Now, two-hundred family owned and operated locations deliver Pita Pit catering nationwide.

Curious for more, eh? Here’s the skinny on what dishes Pita Pit catering delivers. This food is as impressive as Gretzky hanging a larry to dek out a goalie.*

Pita pit catering

(*See Business Insiders Canadian slang.)

Pita Platta!

It’s easy to feed a hungry, health-conscious, food-focused crowd with Pita Pit’s simple catering menu. Specialty platters of protein-packed pita sandwiches are themed to please every eater: vegetarian, Mediterranean, deli favorites, and a hit list of chicken best-bets.

Every sandwich starts with soft pita bread, made with your choice of white or wheat flour. The freshly prepared ingredients come grilled, chopped, and filled to order.

The pitas will keep revealing new flavors and textures with every bite. The hummus pita contrasts velvety hummus with the crunch of diced cucumbers, tomatoes, and baby spinach. The flavor of briny black olives comes before peppery feta cheese, and a smear of tzatziki (yogurt cucumber sauce) cools. The black-bean pita offsets the smoky flavors of a black-bean patty with vinegary pepperoncini, sweet provolone, and fiery ancho chipotle sauce.

Taste buds tickled? Even more tantalizing options come with every Pita Pit catering platter. Promise.

How Many Pitas to Par-tay?

For casual events, large or small, Pita Pit catering platters are your new best friend.

One tray feeds a small group (ten eaters), great for a casual lunch and learn. A round of trays fuels a hungry social crowd. To bulk up meals, consider add-ons. Pita Pit’s catering sides, like trays of salad, chips, and cookies, hit the spot. Or make it a real pita party and add a side platter of grilled buttery pita wedges and tzatziki, hummus, and avocado dips. According to the New York Times, eating good bread is back in style.

Betta Boxes

Select Pita Pit catering locations offer “express” pita-sandwich box lunches. These come individually packed in nifty recyclable, smartly embellished brown bags, each with a flavorful pita sandwich, a bag of chips, and a cookie.

No matter the order, first-time and repeat customers rave about Pita Pit’s timely delivery service, stunning catering style and presentation, and fresh flavors.

In the name of good bread, try a French baguette. Parisian Julien Chang schools the Americans.

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