Jun 10 2016
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Every Friday, we take a look at the week’s food news and serve up the most interesting morsels. From a new report that Americans are consuming 7 million metric tons of sugar annually to the end of kale culture, here’s this week in food.


  • Thinking of going Paleo? Before you dive headfirst into Flinstone-dom, Bon Appétit has some things you should consider, like not eating too much meat and paying attention to ingredient quality.
  • As we covered in last week’s roundup, ice cream trucks in NYC are in the midst of an epic turf war. For a deeper explainer on the history of this ice-cold dispute, check out this segment from Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.
Wheels of Cheese
  • Feeling down on your luck? If you’re running low on funds, turn to ingenuity. Here’s the story of a Sydney-based environmental scientist who used a giant wheel of Parmesan to buy a car.
  • Think you’re excited for ice cream season? It turns out the state of Nevada has you beat. According to recent data released by Twitter, Nevadans tweet about ice cream more than any other state.
  • Google recently released a report detailing their latest food-related observations, based on search volume from January 2014 to February 2016. Dishes like ramen and bibimbap are rising fast, while bacon cupcakes and wheat-free bread are losing steam.
iJava Cafe
  • Speaking of tech companies: we released a roundup this week of some of the top sandwich places in San Jose. From po’ boys to paninis, here’s what powers Silicon Valley.
  • Could seaweed be the next kale? A group of industrious Maine entrepreneurs think so. Here’s how kelp producers are vying for a spot on your plate.


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