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The folks behind Corporate Caterers catering know the office is a stressful place—any business needs to be on top of its game. That’s why Corporate Caterers is dedicated to serving delicious delivery to just one type of client. “We do corporate catering, and we do it well,” is the company’s promise.

Since 1997, this mighty team of smart restaurant professionals has worked with one goal in mind: to offer reliable delivery and beautifully presented, delicious food exclusively to corporate clients. To ensure they serve the best possible food from their locations spanning twelve states, the catering team at Corporate Caterers rigorously tests recipes. Then they review customer feedback to make sure every order best fits the office environment. This means that whether you’re in San Antonio, Texas, or Boca Raton, Florida, your order will be on time, look amazing, and taste even better.

Here are some tips to help you master your Corporate Caterers catering order, whether you’re calling in for your weekly go-to or planning an event for the very first time.

Corporate Caterers catering

Only with Catering from Corporate Caterers 

Every Corporate Caterer’s location operates under guidance from one friendly, streamlined management team with decades of experience in serving the corporate community. This means every order from Corporate Caterers nationwide comes with equally reliable service, and a few special menu treats you won’t find anywhere else.

Customers rave about the chicken breast entrées on Corporate Caterers’s menu for good reason—the cutlets are produced exclusively for Corporate Caterers catering. Each piece is guaranteed to be extra juicy and delicious. So whether the cutlets are used in baked chicken parmesan or on a grilled chicken ciabatta sandwich, you know it’s going to be good.

Every order also comes with house-made tropical chips. A combination of corn, plantain, potato, and sweet potato, these chips are a sweet, savory, and crunchy combo you can’t get anywhere else.

And in an effort to support a greener, more sustainable business community, Corporate Caterers catering locations use reusable baskets, bowls, and serving pieces, plus washable linens. Biodegradable packages are available, and delivery teams return to help break down setups, too. This means every order is given detailed attention from start to finish, every time.

Corporate Caterers catering

From early morning light…

Breakfast is no humdrum meal with a Corporate Caterers catering spread—even the Boardroom continental setups aim to impress. They start with teeming trays of assorted pastries like fluffy muffins, glazed danishes, sweet breakfast bread, gooey cinnamon buns, crusty croissants, and chewy bagels with all the accouterment of butter, cream cheese, and preserves you need. Then super-fresh fruit salad, coffee, and orange juice round out a solid start to the day. To offer the team a little more heft, add scrambled eggs and hickory smoked bacon to the buffet.

Options vary by location. Some griddle up massive belgian waffles, buttermilk pancakes, or breakfast sandwiches on croissants or biscuits. For build-your-own bar options, think soft breakfast tacos, yogurt parfaits, or oatmeal bars with plenty of crunchy and fresh fruit toppings.

Corporate Caterers catering-franchise teams are known for being so smartly organized that they come in extra early, set up a stunning spread, and keep an eye out for details even the best bleary-eyed admin might miss. This means you can trust them no matter how early the hour or how tensely timed the morning meeting.

Corporate Caterers catering

To when lunchtime cravings call…

All Corporate Caterers catering locations offer a boxed sandwich lunch with a choice of a ham, turkey, tuna, or roast-beef sandwich, plus fresh fruit salad, a bag of chips, condiments, and a cookie. Platters of wraps and sandwiches vary slightly by location. Some offer crunchy grilled-chicken Caesar on soft ciabatta; others the same filling in a wheat wrap.

For those juicy chicken entrées, try a Caribbean-style rub with a side of yellow island rice, and tropical fruit salsa. Or maybe a Parmesan crust, and side of mashed potatoes and gravy with crispy baguettes, better suits your event? Entrée platters all come with a crunchy salad topped with artichoke hearts, and a dessert platter overflowing with sweet, soft cookies and brownies. With so much on one spread, no entrée order goes wrong.

No matter what your location offers, you get those crunchy tropical chips and plenty of flavor on every platter. Plus, Corporate Caterers catering offers individual-sized portions (minimum order of ten) to make ordering easy. The company rigorously tests the portions of every dish to minimize food waste. So you’ll have plenty of food to feed your headcount, without having to push leftovers on unassuming guests.

Corporate Caterers catering

But when should I order!? 

The core Corporate Caterers catering team streamlines operations to consistently deliver utmost quality food and service. They only serve breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, both to make sure those menu items are the best they can be and so that their employees have plenty of time to rest and restore with their own family and friends.

These procedures ensure that every order delivered to your office desk-side or boardroom has been given not only plenty of thought and attention from top-level management, but also enthusiastic execution through to the final drop-off.

So enjoy your first or fiftieth meal with Corporate Caterers catering—an exclusive dining experience crafted just for you.


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