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Just across the Holland Tunnel from New York City, Jersey City has become a haven for Manhattanites looking for a more slow-paced respite from the big city. And it’s become a great place for chefs and restaurateurs to set up shop in a more neighborhood-y area. According to Eater, lower costs and a changing population has led to diverse restaurants, especially along Newark Avenue, which is now partially zoned as pedestrian-only. Representing some of the best restaurants in Jersey City is this list of caterers that are worthy of your attention. Here are 10 Jersey City caterers to check out immediately.

Jersey City Caterer b.good Box Lunch with Side

b. good (525 Washington Blvd.)

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As the name suggests, b. good is all about food that’ll help you be good to your body. There’s no fast food or artificial ingredients at this Jersey City caterer. Each of the bowls, sandwiches, salads, and sides are handcrafted using nutritious, wholesome ingredients. Try the popular Spicy Avocado & Lime Kale & Quinoa Bowl. It’s packed with flavorful ingredients like shitake mushrooms, chipotle puree, queso fresco, and red pepper vinaigrette.

Jersey City caterer Cookies N Crepes

Cookies N Crepes (195 Newark Ave.)

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Cookies N Crepes is the perfect spot in Jersey City catering if you’ve got a sweet tooth. And it’s one of the best restaurants in Jersey City for a tasty treat. They take their namesake baked goods very seriously. Every cookie is baked fresh and served warm out of the oven. And every crepe is made to order. Choose between standby treats like chocolate chip cookies or a Nutella crepe. Or kick it up a notch with triple chocolate chunk cookies, and crepes loaded with fillings like caramel, caramelized apples, brownies, and bananas. Try the Bulldog, which comes with peanut butter cups, peanut butter, hot fudge, and marshmallow fluff for a decadent and delicious dessert.

Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket

Cosi (535 Washington Blvd.)

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Cosi serves up distinctive sandwiches, salads, and soups made with fresh, artisanal ingredients. For lunch, try a sandwich basket. You choose between an assortment of fresh options, like the Tuscan Pesto Chicken, or the Turkey & Brie. And it’s all served on the restaurant’s signature warm flatbread. For breakfast, cater something new. A platter of squagels, Cosi’s whimsical square-shaped bagels, come in flavors like Asiago cheese and cranberry orange.  

Just Salad Catering

Just Salad (525 Washington Blvd.)

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Just Salad serves up wholesome, affordable lunch options that prove that healthy and deliciously aren’t mutually exclusive. The Jersey City caterer’s ever-popular Chicken Barbacoa Market Plate is the perfect example. It’s served with a tasty bowl of spiced chicken, Brussels sprouts and kale slaw, roasted broccoli, and furikake seasoning. For a healthy lunch for a crowd, order the custom salad bar, which provides an assortment of colorful, flavorful salad ingredients for you to construct in to your own nutritious meal. Toppings include buffalo chicken, goat cheese, lentils, and roasted sweet potatoes.

Alex Italian Restaurant

Alex Italian Restaurant & Brick Oven Pizza (346 Grove St.)

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For a great selection of Italian hits, Jersey City catering’s best option is Alex Italian Restaurant & Brick Oven Pizza. It’s one of the best restaurants in Jersey City for red sauce classics. The move is to order one of the large-format trays. You can get a meat lovers pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and meatballs. Or for vegetarians, try the eggplant rollatini, one of the most popular entree options. Round out your meal with a shrimp cocktail platter or buffalo wings.

Potatopia - Jersey City

Potatopia (30 Mall Dr. W)

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Who doesn’t love potatoes? That’s exactly the premise behind this potato-centric concept that’s proven to be a hit in Jersey City catering. At Potatopia, choose between three sizes of catering packages. These include creative potato preparations like Cajun Curly Fries, Smashed Red Skins, and Waffle Cut Fries. You can add a choice of proteins like pulled pork and smokehouse bacon and sauce options like truffle aioli and chipotle ketchup.

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain (101 Hudson St.)

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Known for its beautiful presentations and wide array of meal options curated by professional chefs, Au Bon Pain is a great go-to for large parties. The place is especially popular for its breakfast. The array of farm-to-table breakfast sandwiches includes options like the egg, Niman Ranch sausage, and cheddar, or egg, Applewood smoked bacon, and cheddar. After you’ve tried breakfast from Au Bon Pain, you’ll never eat another boring brunch again.

My Pretzel

My Pretzel (64 Sip Ave.)

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My Pretzel re-imagines what a pretzel can be. You can go for a standard pretzel, which comes in flavors like cinna-sugar, sour cream and onion, coconut, and pepperoni and cheese. Or why not take it up a notch? Try a pretzel in a slider, hot dog, and bite-size form. It’s the perfect choice for jazzing up any afternoon.

City Diner (31 Montgomery St.)

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City Diner is one of the best restaurants in Jersey City for comfort food. Hospitality pros Nicholas, Lefty, and Mike Giakoumatos know their ribs and everything that goes with them. That includes the Mac & Cheese which is one of the signature recipes. It’s made with cavatappi pasta, four types of cheeses, and buttered breadcrumbs for a meal that melts in your mouth, and in deep in your soul. Or for something heartier, try the Fire Cracker Meatloaf, a spicy entree that comes with a choice of sides such as savory wild rice with bacon and mushrooms and saffron-kissed vegetable rice.

Stella’s Restaurant and Deli (315 Grove St.)

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Are you planning a big celebration, but don’t want your catering order to break the bank? Stella’s Restaurant and Deli is the go-to Jersey City caterer for affordable, high-quality catering, with entrees that’ll satisfy any palate. There are so many great and diverse offerings to choose from. The waffle tray is perfect for breakfast. Or for later in the day, try the meatballs. Stella’s even makes a cheese platter seem like a feast. They strive to meet exacting standards, ensuring the highest quality in every single order.

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