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Detroit is known for cars, music, and — make no mistake — for its food scene. The best restaurants and the best catering in Detroit are exceptional. And they always have been.

Signs of a new food renaissance have been bubbling up lately. According to Food & Wine, Anthony Bourdain is making a documentary about the city and Detroit News notes that Top Chef is casting in town. The best catering in Detroit helped foster this hot culinary moment. And luckily, you do not need to be a trained chef to savor the best flavors the Motor City has to offer. All you need is a willing palate. Here’s a quick guide to how you can enjoy the finest Detroit catering.

Sicily's Pizza - cheese pizza

Sicily’s Pizzeria (3554 Vernor Highway)

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If you don’t know Detroit-style pizza yet, don’t worry, you will. It’s popping up all over the country. And when you’re in Motown, it just happens to be the most important dish in Detroit catering. At Sicily’s Pizzeria, they honor the pizza in all its glory. The Wisconsin Delight comes with five kinds of locally-sourced cheeses. And the Feisty Shamrock is topped with jalapeños that add a kick to a green veggie-topped pie. All are available on a regular or gluten-free crust, so you really cannot go wrong with any pizza here. Sub sandwiches are a quick catering choice, and Sicily’s has numerous choices to satisfy carnivore and herbivores. A colorful Garden Salad and an oatmeal raisin cookie bring the perfect balance of salt and sweet for a full meal.

Market Fresh Deli - roll-ups sandwiches tray

Market Fresh Deli (18200 Chicago W)

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The sandwich platter is the go-to order at Detroit caterer Market Fresh Deli. It comes with pasta salad, cole slaw, chips, and pickles. Sandwiches anchor the menu and come on either a focaccia-style bread or a traditional sub loaf. Sure, they have turkey and ham, but you’ll rave about the brisket and corned beef. Wrapped sandwiches can be filled with herb grilled chicken, too, or try the Turkey Chili. It’s warming for body and soul. And it goes beautifully with a garden salad or a fruit bowl for the perfect paleo meal.

Tijuana's chips and dips

Tijuana’s Mexican Kitchen (18950 Ford Rd.)

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The housemade tortillas and salsas are at the heart of Tijuana’s Mexican Kitchen. The love that goes into this family-run business is what places it among the best catering in Detroit. The churros make a fun and unexpected dessert. But the Fajita Bar Combo and Taco Bar Combo are local favorites. To shake things up, try the Burrito/Enchilada/Mini Chimi Combo. Choose up to three entree items, including vegetable enchiladas, and enough sides of beans, rice, and guacamole to make everyone happy.

Detroit Shawarma - beef and chicken tray

Detroit Shawarma (2729 W Seven Mile Rd.)

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There is a reason the Chicken Shawarma Fries Bowl is so popular at Detroit Shawarma. The addictive yogurt-garlic sauce combined with succulent marinated and grilled chicken is a heady combination. Add in the puffy, crunchy sweetness of French fries and it is a done deal. Of course, you can order without the garlic sauce or order it on the side of a beef and chicken Shawarma combo tray or a Falafel Bowl. It’s loaded with vegetables. But it’s definitely the sauce that brings it all together to make a meal.

North Star Catering

North Star Catering (18200 Fitzpatrick St.)

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The best catering in Detroit adds a little jazz to the ordinary. At North Star Catering, you get the standard Breakfast Package with scrambled eggs and croissants. But the Executive Breakfast kicks it up a notch with a slim-profiled frittata and O’Brien potatoes. Chicken Piccata and Chicken Marsala are the most popular entrees in the catered lunch packages. Try the Continental, which includes two entrees, salad, and vegetable and starch options. For something a bit more casual, there’s the popular Turkey & Chicken Sausage Gumbo. Just make sure you have enough napkins.

Pizza Papalis - deep dish with pull

PizzaPapalis (3171 E Jefferson Ave.)

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Deep dish pizza may be a Chicago kind of thing. But at PizzaPapalis, it is the only thing that matters. Top the Cheese Pan Pizza with anything from pineapple to hot pepper rings. Or, try the Deep Dish 2 package, which includes a pizza that serves 10 and a salad. The Greek salad, with feta, beets, and cucumbers, is loaded with vegetable goodness. Tater Tots make a fun appetizer. And the Deep Dish Cookie, baked in the same size pan as the pizza and served “by the slice,” is an instant hit. Pasta, wings, meatballs, and a veggie platter round out the menu, meaning there is definitely something for everyone.

Jeffs Over The Top Catering Big Protein Breakfast copy

Jeff’s Over the Top Catering (4241 Avery St.)

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An oversize bagel stuffed with lox, cream cheese, and fresh vegetables is an eye-catching change of pace from the usual breakfast fare. And, not to mention that it’s very Instagram-worthy. But Detroit’s Jeff’s Over the Top Catering is known for its supremely fresh ingredients and beautiful presentations. A gluten-free potato pancake option is an easy change to make with the popular Breakfast Meeting Package. And the Miniature Sandwich Tray is a fun counterpoint to the Big Bagel. Be sure to ask about the gluten-free rolls, too, so no one will be left out.

Cottage Inn Pizza (107 Monroe Ave.)

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It probably doesn’t surprise you that cheese is the most popular type of pizza ordered in the United States. But the popular Party Tray Pizza at Cottage Inn Pizza offers a stunning array of options that are all worth checking out. The Cajun butter crust and the Carolina tangy gold sauce inspire something other than red sauce and mozzarella — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Word on the street is that the Veggie Lasagna is a must-order from this Detroit caterer. But be warned that you do have to order it 48 hours in advance to get it just right. For more immediate cravings, try an Italian Sub sandwich or wings, either bone-in or out and with an array of sauces. Buffalo is always a classic.

Al Basha-Bacon-Burger

Al Basha Subs (5122 Anthony Wayne Dr.)

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There are events that call for sandwiches. Detroit’s Al Basha Subs is here to answer that call with upwards of 50 sub sandwich styles. Sure there is Meatball Sub and a Crispy Chicken Sub. But life is short, and the Mango Habanero Steak Sub, Shrimp Sub, and Sujuk Sub with spicy Mediterranean sausage are a fun departure from the usual meaty options. Falafel and Veggie Trays are tasty appetizers. And the veggie-centric salads are easily converted to a main course with a protein topper of shrimp, chicken, or steak.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Catering

Potbelly Sandwich Shop (777 Woodward Ave.)

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Potbelly Sandwich Shop has developed a reputation for great sandwiches and service. Their Just Sandwiches lets you stick with the traditional one sandwich per person plan. But the name Potbelly evokes a pot of something, like, say, soup. With options like beef and bean chili, garden vegetable, and chicken enchilada, the soup menu offers a range of flavors and styles to satisfy all eaters. The Powerhouse Salad, loaded with avocado, hummus, and egg, can get an extra kick of protein from added chicken. Save the best for last with the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert. Or, remember that you’re a grown-up and eat your dessert first. You deserve it.

Detroit caterers are diverse and delicious.

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