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The sandwich chain Schlotzsky’s is quietly plotting to take over the world. Known for its intensely flavorful sandwiches and location-specific details, Schlotzsky’s is one of the most agile, creative names in fast-casual dining with more than 350 locations worldwide. In March, an Eater review called Schlotzsky’s Lone Star State menu, which includes tacos and brisket, “Austin-inspired” and “millennial-friendly.” (We consider that a compliment.) The inventive chain also serves as an excellent go-to catering spot, whether you’re hosting a Lunch & Learn seminar, an office birthday, or a holiday party. Dive into our Schlotzky’s review for everything you need to know about can’t-miss menu items, ordering, and planning with Schlotzsky’s catering for office events of all kinds.

Popular Dishes

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Schlotzsky’s got its start with sandwiches—so it should come as no surprise that its most popular entrées arrive on the brand’s signature bread, with its fluffy texture and steamy air pockets. Take the original sandwich, for example—it’s a masterful combo of ham, salami, three different kinds of cheese, and olives, which provide a briny, flavorful punch that cuts through all that richness. The fiesta chicken sandwich is another crowd favorite. It arrives stuffed with cheddar, roasted red peppers, and creamy chipotle mayo, and is served on a house-baked jalapeño bun crowned with a crispy layer of cheddar.

Need something for your health-conscious or vegetarian colleagues? Schlotzsky’s vegetarian sandwich offers an addictive combination of cheddar, cucumbers, tomatoes, and fat-free spicy ranch dressing.

But sandwiches aren’t the endgame. Our review of Schlotzsky’s catering menu would be remiss if it didn’t mention the personal pan pizzas, which have a charred, crunchy crust you’ll love. Go for the combination special pizza, with sun-dried tomato pesto, pepperoni, mushrooms, and peppers, for extra flavor.

With over 350 locations worldwide, Schlotzsky’s is one of the most recognizable sandwich catering destinations around.

Portion Size Guide

Whether you’re ordering for yourself or catering a big party, Schlotzsky’s catering menu has you covered. Use the ezCater website to narrow down your selection, from entrées for one person to large-format packages.

For smaller parties, the box lunch is the best way to go. With choice of wrap, oven-baked sandwich, or cafe sandwich, the meal also comes with a side of chips, pickle, cookie, and Schlotzsky’s tangy, fiery hot sauce. For an intimate gathering of 8 or fewer, order a round of box lunches or personal pizzas to make everyone happy.

For a large party, opt for one of Schlotzsky’s catering meal packages, which include your choice of sandwich or wrap, as well as one of Schlotzsky’s signature salads served buffet style. With choices like their cranberry, apple, pecan, and chicken salad, or their popular garden salad with olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, and pepperoncini, you can’t go wrong.

Even their desserts come individually portioned, like their selection of ooey-gooey brownies and cookies. For large groups, an assorted cookie tray or round of cinnamon buns is a guaranteed hit. Order with big appetites in mind.

What to Order

The beauty of Schlotzsky’s catering is its flexibility. Whether you’re ordering lunch for coworkers or planning an office extravaganza, it’s easy to find a convenient solution.

Intimate gatherings call for personalized box lunches—and Schlotzky’s offers limitless combinations. Choose from a sandwich, personalized pizza, or flatbread, and Schlotzsky’s catering team will pack an individualized meal for each guest in your group. It’s the perfect Lunch & Learn meal, or a practical solution to an offsite company event.

With over 350 locations worldwide, Schlotzsky’s is one of the most recognizable sandwich catering destinations around.

Planning a big party? Schlotzsky’s catering offers three different party trays designed to feed a crowd. Assortments of cafe sandwiches, wraps, and signature oven-baked sandwiches will handle large appetites. With small groups of 12, opt for a medium tray, but size up to a large if you need to feed 20 or more.

Want a few extra items to snack on? You can always tack on a salad, Schlotzsky’s signature chips (we recommend the jalapeño flavor), or a gallon of homemade lemonade.

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