Apr 09 2019
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At ezCater, we’re inspired by chefs and restaurant operators who take their passion for food and catering and turn it into a career. As a partner who helps them build their catering business, we’re proud to share their stories with you. This is Tim Wiechmann’s Restaurant Roots.



Before the doors open at Bronwyn, chef-owner Tim Wiechmann and his team quietly perfect dishes as if they were preparing for a show. His kitchen turns out handmade sausages and spätzle dumplings with careful preparation and practice. They pound out pork loin to the perfect thickness, then bread and fry it, creating golden crisp schnitzel. “You do all this stuff and then at five o’clock you unlock the door,” Tim Wiechmann says. “It is a show. And that show has to be well curated and done well every night.” At Bronwyn, his team’s eye for detail results in a marvelous dine-in and catering experience for customers. Here’s the story behind Tim Wiechmann’s Bronwyn.

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Tim Wiechmann: So even though the schnitzel looks really simple, there was a lot of trial and error. Ours is really traditional. You take a pork loin and you clean it very carefully. You take off all the fat and then you pound that out. Not too thick, not too thin. An eighth of an inch to a quarter-inch thick. You put it in flour with paprika and salt. It goes in the egg and then it goes in the breadcrumb and then into the pan. That’s how it comes out best. On top of it, we happen to do this pepper schnitzel. It became very popular, so we just kept it.

We’re Bronwyn, which is in Union Square, which is a part of Somerville, Massachusetts. We have a small beer garden outside. Then we have a bar and we have a dining room. All with one menu that is Germanic. Handmade sausages and spätzle. There’s sauerkraut and our spin on these traditional German things.

You do all this stuff and then at five o’clock you unlock the door and the computers have to work. The food has to come out hot, it can’t be over seasoned, the beers have to pour correctly. It is a show. And that show has to be well curated and done well every night.

Catering—it’s just an extension of what you do. There’s a professionalism to it, I guess, and that is the restaurant business. It’s not boring. That is the one thing it’s not. Not boring.

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